Mooncakes Go To The Moon This Mid-Autumn Fest


It’s that time of year again, when all the aunties, uncles, grandmas, and grandpas line up for mooncakes and we all get a few days off work. But do you know the real story? It’s kind of a dark tale. This woman named Chang’e drank so much Chinese medicine that she flew to the moon and got stuck there forever. Her only company – the only living creature up there – is the Jade Rabbit, who spends his days making Chinese medicine.

That’s the inspiration behind this flyer that Cecilia drew. This mooncake wanted to taste the strongest Chinese medicine in the universe, so he traveled to the moon, shook down the rabbit, kicked it with Chang’e, and came back just in time for Love Bang on Saturday night.

Special guest this weekend is this young, up-and-coming producer from Beijing named Puzzy Stack. He’s in town for the Concrete & Grass festival, DJing for two of my favorite Chinese rappers, BLOODZ BOI and Young Peach. Definitely don’t sleep on that festival! The lineup is insane (A$AP Ferg, Machinedrum, HEALTH, a bunch of metal bands, The Go! Team, Edison Chen, and about fifty other artists).

Ahead of Saturday night, check the mix Puzzy Stack recently did for my Xi’an fam, The Boring Room. Definitely look them up if you’re ever in Xi’an City.

Party is Saturday, Sept 17 at 10pm. Support from DJ Caution, who doesn’t really get down with mooncakes.