Heatwolves.com is Dead, Long Live Lovebanguniverse.com

Xu Xiao Shuai

Fam, this site had a long, long run. Thank you. We had over 600 posts and who knows how many MP3s between 2008-2016. Much of my 20s will live on in these blog posts. But let’s be real, the posting fell off heavily when I started at SmartShanghai in 2014.

That said, I’m still writing, DJing, drawing, and curating music. More than ever, in fact. Thanks to DJ Caution and C, Love Bang became way bigger than the Heatwolves project ever was, and you should peep all of our writing / drawing / DJing efforts over on the Love Bang website. You can still find us in the club on the reg, and catch us in the cloud on WeChat, Instagram, Facebook, and Soundcloud: @lovebanguniverse

I know peeps from all around the world have read this site over the years. I’ve connected with many of you in real life, and some of us ended up becoming good friends. That means a lot. The power of music is real – don’t ever forget it.

And to think, this all stated with a drunk chat in Laos one night with my friend Oli and some too-far-gone Aussie guy on his second bottle of $1 whiskey, when we had to one-up his story about Drop Bears by telling him some bullshit about Robot Bear Police and Heatwolves in Shanghai City…

Much love ya’ll,