Hi. Welcome to one of the oldest blogs in the People’s Republic of China.

This site exists to share music, tales of adventure abroad, info about events and parties in Shanghai and around China, and writings on culture, food, and language.

I also run a monthly dance party and label called Love Bang. You can see all the posters I drew for Love Bang and other parties at Some Art. If you’re looking for some good tunes, have a listen over at my Soundcloud.

Enjoy the site, and please leave some thoughts/questions/suggestions in the comments. English, Chinese, or any other language is good. Holler.

please send any any inquires/complaints/money to holler@lovebanguniverse.com

Thank you for reading.


你好, 我是热狼 – 来自美国农村老头子, 现在住在上海.

已经四年写这博客为了给大家我喜欢的音乐, 还有我想法/故事关于文化, 语言, 旅游, 菜, 和生活在国外.

在上海经常DJ/做派对, 还做电子音乐跟我朋友们 – 我们是“超人阿姨打扫卫生帮” – 你可以听到我们的音乐在Soundcloud.  在上海, 我们经常演出在DADA酒吧, The Shelter, 还其它地方, 也放在杭州, 北京, 重庆, 和其它城市.

希望你喜欢这博客. 请随便写在论坛 –

我Sina WEIBO = @热浪isHeatwolves


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