This is Wippo, an Alpha Critter. I’ve had the Alpha Critter letters that spell my name for twenty-five years, but I always thought they were some locally-made toys by old hippies in Michigan. Turns out that Alpha Critters was heavily international. They even had a cartoon and it sucks. It’s like some bootleg Schoolhouse Rock with an annoying girl who can’t read until she meets some letters who talk too much. But the letters are so plush.

This fascination started a few months ago while digging through an old-toys store in Macau and I found Wippo and freaked out like wtf I grew up with these letters now they’re in a box next to some Dragon Ball grandpa and sexy anime figurines. No love for Wippo apparently cause he was 90% off and had been floating around Asia in his original package since 1986! Sounds like some English teachers I’ve met. Well I asked the internet about these Alpha Critters and here’s some of the best, shout out to Ghost of The Doll for these pics.


Fuzzle. As in I just tried to talk to that girl but I fuzzled hard. DJs be like ” I fuzzled up that mix mate…”


Lopper the L. By the way the idiom “Quiet as a church mouse” does not make sense to Chinese people they think Mice are mad loud.

Have you ever tried to spell out a letter?


The rather intense Xif, but I’d be intense too if I had ears for arms.


Yotto’s Confucian-lookin ass.


Keagle. Wow kids back then could read better the youth now would be like wtf is a Ke-agle but actually Keagle is a cousin of the bird called Eagle.


At least one animal had to look high as fuck. Reebit like “oh dammmmmmn….W is double-u.”

I wore Wippo on a chain and won a DJ battle once. True story.

Anyway this is one of the realest Fonts ever. If someone makes this into an downloadable font I’ll put money in your Paypal.

Did anyone else grow up around these letters?