What’s really good in Shanghai this weekend…the weekend of 1997.

Oh snap. Had to work up the Hemmingway sweat after chillin with Dr. Jing last night just to write this. Too much lamb, too much goose. Coming a bit early this time as there’s so much on. Everything from two different Chinese hip hop acts on Friday night to Korn sharing a lineup with a Korean boy band, [pause], to Come Correct at The Shelter with the  legendary J. Rocc from The Beat Junkies on Saturday night. AND there’s a pool party on Saturday at that Xujiahui Oasis where you can catch a set by The Super Ayi Cleaning Team from 2PM – 4PM.



“On the third Thursday of each month the society convenes to play their favourite records across all genres. All vinyl all night. Comfortable underground bar, cheap beer.” That’s friends from Push and Pull as well as a special guest from VOID tonight at Logo. No CDs, no laptops, no iPods, just good tunes on vinyl. Music leans more towards house, grime, dubstep, and techno.


My friend and neighbor Laura from the Acid Pony Club makes beats all day and DJs all night – one of the hardest working cats in Shanghai. His Thursday affair on Yongfu Lu, “Let’s Get Naked And Listen To A Bunch of Drones,” brings your weekly dose of weird, trippy beats and film soundtracks. Here’s one of the latest experimental tracks he’s done, out on his SVBKVLT beat tape.

Friday – HIP HOP.


Ok I got love for Hijack but I gotta rep two Chinese hip hop shows going down Friday. First off, you already know we got our club night Love Bang at 390 with local beatmaker/manga character Ceezy,  but you might not know about another show by Beijing rappers  阴三儿 (in3).  I don’t know much about dudes, but local friends tell me they’re some of the best MCs in China. “Real underground Beijing style.“ They’re on Friday night at Arkham with a RMB100 cover.  Peep some of their tracks over on Douban. Really nice tunes there.


Most people know Dada Bar, but some newer heads might not know the history. Dada was started by Michael, a dude from The Bay Area, and before he started his own club he founded one of Shanghai’s original club nights pushing better music in a town full of shit tunes – Antidote. From humble 2005 beginnings in dungeon-of-vomit C’s Bar to packed nights at The Shelter, then parlaying all this into starting two of China’s most well-known underground clubs, dude deserves a lot of props. Well Friday it’s the 8th anniversary of Antidote, with a lineup of OG Antidote peeps – mostly local Shanghai dudes who’ve moved onto big tings themselves: B6, MHP, Fish, Ozone, and Drunk Monk. Sure to be good.


There’s no better way to avoid attracting corporate branding than naming your band Astrofuck. That’s one idea that went into the name of this new band formed by three friends of mine: DJ Cavia, music-blogger don Andy Best, and singer Kaine. Saturday night they’ve got heaps of brand new material to play at Yuyintang, probably the best place in Shanghai to see a rock show, especially with that lush park in back. Check out their tunes over on Douban. Here’s what Andy had to say about the show, via Kungfuology:

“It will cost 40 rmb on the door and feature post-punk, experimental, gothy and dark bands. That’s probably an inadequate way to describe it. DJ Tzu Sing will open from 9 playing darkwave and industrial styles. Then The Other will play, then us doing a 45 minute plus set including completely new songs we have never played before. We also have HIMDONG closing out with some loop madness. It will be awesome and the perfect antidote to the thrown together, generalized, overpriced SH Summer Sonic night on over at the Stadium. I can say that cos SMG is a multi-billion corporation and we are just some friends putting on a 300 ppl show underground.”

Saturday – HIP HOP. J. ROCC AT THE SHELTER (yrs truly’s pick of the weekend)


Yet another big name DJ passing through town – why should you care about this one? Cause he’ll murder your favorite DJ on the turntables and turn the party out. Coming out of LA, J. Rocc and his crew The Beat Junkies birthed an entire generation of hip hop artists during the 90s. Turntablism and party rocking with class is how they roll. This dude is an absolute legend who ran in the same circles as J. Dilla and Madlib. He’s on at 12:30AM at The Shelter and I’m expecting to dance non-stop for his two hour set. No idea what I’m gonna play after this dude from one of my favorite labels ever, Stones Throw. Plus we’ve got a scratch showcase by the god from Guilin LJ and sets by T-Plus and DJ Caution…don’t sleep on this one!!!

Peep this video of J. Rocc killing it at the Beat Junkies 20th Anniversary for a taste.



What if you had severe eye problems but couldn’t afford the surgery you needed, or even had access to the right medical facilities? Well this charity ORBIS literally flies around the world in a plane equipped with a full hospital onboard and performs surgery for kids like this on the spot. They’ve got a charity cocktail ball on Saturday night, with all proceeds from the RMB200 ticket going to their good cause. There’s no app for blindness yet.


Yep, back at the same pool this weekend although this party comes to you via PX Productions, aka Panda Express. The homie Eoin from PX actually hooked us up with the pool so we owe them big. Catch DJ Caution and myself spinning from 2PM – 4PM. Really pumped to actually just play a set there instead of focusing on e.g. someone lost their ring or getting ice for drinks. Expect a lot of Three 6 Mafia and G-Funk. That’s at Wending Lu near Hongqiao Lu and just RMB80 to get in before noon.

Alight I could go on about Korn and Limp Bizkit both playing Shanghai this weekend, and how the shared lineup between the “inventors of dubstep” and a Korean boy band bound to attract hordes of tweens could create a potentially hazardous standoff between them and hundreds of metal fans in Shanghai Stadium, but I gotta go beat Conrank at squash. See you in the streets – come say what up if you’re out!

Oh PS, it’s not a rave! Please stop throwing this word around, it’s already lost meaning. If your sound system = some portable speakers with a USB-port that your friend helped you buy on Taobao, it’s not a rave. Also, there’s no such thing as a “private dinner for 150 people” that’s open to everyone on Facebook. Aight Audi 5,000.



gothic picnic

Ok let’s keep this really short and simple, but before we get into anything coming up, peep this insane live recording from the VOID six-year anniversary at The Shelter last Saturday. Sadly I didn’t make it but apparently this was one of the biggest Shelter nights in a long, long time. Alright here you go, an hour of raw old-school techno by Shanghai Ultra. No EDM in here mate.

Love live recordings from sweatbox clubs. Moving into the future, here’s what’s good this weekend.


HIP HOP – You already know, Hip Hop Hijack at The Geisha is the spot to be on Fridays for all that Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Tyga, etc. Plus they’re joined by my right-hand man DJ Caution this month. The Geisha probably hates me but I love this night. Not mad.

ELECTRONIC – Yrs truly playing at Lune with special guest DJ from Spain Lupen Crokan. When I hear the name Lupen I can’t help but think of Lupin III, the infamous manga/anime thief. Kinda wish that Lupin III was DJing at Lune, but we still get this dude from Barcelona. Peep the recording from his set at Dada Beijing last weekend. It’s free entry all night at 218 Xinle Lu, right by 88.

WTF – Really curious about this “secret rave,” its borderline racist flyer, and not-secret-at-all location in Xuhui. But hey, I’m all for outdoor events so whatever. “Rave” and “secret” are the newest entries to the Shanghai doublespeak dictionary.


POOL PARTY – Yep, Love Bang Pool Party #3 with Baijiu Robot, AKA Mau Mau x yrs truly, Choyce Kutz, and DJ Caution. Weather forecast says 104 degrees! Don’t worry we’ve got an indoor area with AC too if you need to chill for a bit. Remember it’s only 80RMB before noon.

TICT JAM – Another secret party! God damn. This one starts at 3PM and it’s somewhere secret. Address released at 10PM tonight. These dudes always pull off high quality events, and i’m gonna try to stop by this one at some point.

THE HOMIE SAL GETTING MARRIED – Hey you probably know Sal, aka DJ Skinny Brown from Popasuda. He’s one of my good friends in Shanghai and he’s getting married tmmr night. If you know dude, give him a call and see what’s up with the wedding or just give him some congratulations. I’ve never seen a mixed Indian/Chinese kid but with this couple it’s bound to be beautiful.

STORYTELLING – Alright I don’t know much about this but I support storytelling and 390 Bar. Plus I like the name Mama Gushi. Sounds like a good start to a Saturday night. Here’s what the organizer said on Reddit: “Join us for another evening of hilarious, inspiring and true stories as our storytellers share their intimate life experiences with our audience! Our all-star line up of the best raconteurs in Shanghai is coming together to share their stories of intoxication.” Starts at 8PM sharp at 390 Panyu Lu with 2-for-1 drinks.

HOUSE MUSIC – Ok you’ve got two great choices, both on Xingfu Lu. One is a night by my old friend Mau Mau’s new crew Yo! Banfa over at Dada, and then right down the street we’ve got the UK squad Push And Pull at Logo. Expect bass house a la Dirtybird Records at Dada and more UK Gar-age and Jackin’ down at Logo.

SOME OTHER SHIT – This Gothic Shanghai Victorian Night Picnic sounds amazing. I may just leave the pool party to go peep this down the street in Xujiahui Park.


HIP HOP – Ok it’s not exactly hip hop but pretty close. Nosaj Thing at Arkham – fucking great booking. I saw dude play at Logo like four years ago before he really blew up, and it’s still one of the best electronic shows I’ve ever seen. Classic tune right here.

And this one he produced for Chance The Rapper

Alright that’s all. Maybe Sunday you can check out Monsters University if it’s made its way through the two month censorship process yet. See you in the pool.

Event Review – Shanghai Jinshan Zebra Music Festival

Zebra small

Note: For various reasons, I waited a while to post this review. But here it is, raw and uncut. Also, shout out to whoever managed to time-travel back to 1994 and have Sega and Capri Sun team up to design this flyer.

I need to write about this festival, because I’ve seen many praise the event on various social media and I’m compelled to offer a different perspective – the perspective of a customer, rather than someone who organized, performed at, or otherwise had their hands on this beast they call Zebra. This is what happens when music festivals lack organization by competent people who love good music and then brands fill the void. I’m not writing this to attack anyone except for the brands and consumerism that ruined what could have been a really rock-and-roll experience by the ocean.

Zebra Music Festival could have been amazing. I mean, how hard is it to fuck up a music festival on the beach? Not that hard, apparently, once brands get involved without any  oversight. The only beautiful moment was when rain suddenly poured down in the middle of some terrible electro house and only the crazy ones stayed dancing in the sand while others scattered for awnings and umbrellas. But even then the lights were too hot and bright.


Imagine for a moment that KTV* put on a music festival. That’s what Jinshan Zebra resembled – loud, repetitive 128 beats per minute electronic music pared with blinding lights, fake renao* (热闹), and heaps of branding and corporate presence poured on like oil in a Shanghai restaurant. Having participated in half-ass music festivals here, and given the desperate, midnight-hour promotion that promised “the biggest, best musical festival in Shanghai,” I feared Zebra would disappoint, but I had no idea just how bad it could get.

KTV = Karaoke TV; the whole spectrum of Asian karaoke halls, which ranges from places for family fun to deafeningly loud dens filled with flashing lights, sensory overload, hookers, dice, dissociatives, whiskey-and-green-tea, and people making business decisions. I’m referring to the latter end of this spectrum.

renao** = exciting, happening; something entertaining to watch. Could be used to describe the atmosphere at a bar, especially one like M2 in Shanghai. In this context *renao* also carries the meaning of loud, bright, and “high.”

Note: Through [questionable] luck and circumstance, I didn’t pay for transportation or tickets to this festival. Had I paid I may have caused a bigger scene.


We spent the 1.5 hour drive to Jinshan drinking Russian vodka in an American mini-van and watching the sun set. The night seemed promising and it felt good to leave the city. We got closer and closer to the beach and passed street hawkers selling inflatable ducks and swimsuits, then we arrived.

If bad house music got into a car accident with an advertising company it would look like the sprawling, confused beach scene that lay below.. Products, sounds, brands, and ads collided in total chaos down on the beach. Jinshan Beach is by the ocean but this wasn’t Venice Beach or even Hainan. Rumor is the sand gets imported from the latter though.

It was loud. And not in a good way, with at least ten soundsystems booming simultaneously, arranged for maximum interference and annoyance. The omnipresent speakers belted generic 128 beats-per-minute house music from tents/booths repping companies like Coke, Bacardi, and some shit you’ve never heard of. I heard “Gangnam Style” twice, and that song would only be appropriate here if sung by a Mao hologram. This was Guantanamo. To a DJ it all sounded like one colossal trainwreck, but occasionally when we passed between two systems, two songs lined up perfectly for like ten seconds. Brilliant.

Beyond the brand tents, there were KTV booths and even a place to soak your feet in a tub of bacteria-eating fish. Seriously. This was like a car show with Chinese characteristics. And yes, there were cars on display. On the beach I counted at least three under a tent with price tags. Never heard of that brand either.

We walked away from this mess and through the sand toward the main stage, where we found some kind of wacky salsa competition where the MCs called up people from different countries and had them compete in a dance-off. One Chinese guy was dressed up like an Arab and the host said, in Chinese, “oh you know those Arab people – they’re conservative and like to wear a towel on their head!”  This was at 6:30PM on the main stage of a music festival with a few thousand people. This was a show to watch, not a music experience, and I fucking hate seeing shows when I’m trying to listen to some music.

Around 7:30, one of the weakest bands I’ve ever, ever seen took stage and stumbled through a few songs before I left; some local university students barely fit for an open-mic night slot. Don’t know how they got that slot. We had to heckle, and they were visibly shook but didn’t respond. People deserve more at a music festival.

Tragically, the biggest musical act of this festival was DJ iTunes, who often showed up at  seven places at the same damn time, like the Bacardi tent, which stood right next to the main DJ stage at a 90 degree angle and had equally loud speakers. Or at the knockoff Gatorade tent, or the Coca-Cola booth that was actually SELLING Coke to people while blatantly attacking them with advertising and sensory confusion, or the Skull Candy Booth, that whore of headphones. What can I say about Skull Candy besides the fact that they’re shit, look tacky, and the company will sponsor anyone but no real sound pro would rock their shit? But they so #fashion! 怎么办??

We tried to find refuge from the bad music and hot, blinding lights by hanging out by the beach. I mean, it’s the ocean right? The inflatable slides looked cool but the water’s hue wasn’t exactly inviting, so we sat in white plastic chairs and stared at the sky until a countryside goon donning heart-shaped red neon glasses (frames) and a t-shirt rolled halfway up his stomach stumbled over and demanded 100RMB (about $15) each for the chairs. He looked like a villain from a B-movie about a haunted roller rink. There were hundreds of empty chairs. The wooden beach chairs, all unoccupied in these dark hours, were double that price.  Who does that money go to? Is there a chair mafia? I bet many, many crayfish are eaten with that chair money.


So we went back to the show. The excitement. The renao. I’m not judging, but most of the crowd, probably 85% local, was there to watch a show, not dance or a have summer of love sesh. Fair enough. Music festivals are new phenomena in China and there’s no cultural background of e.g. Woodstock or Acid House. But unfortunately this festival was not organized by people who understand the magic of music festivals either. Instead of showing patrons something new and crazy, this festival became nothing but a vehicle for pushing products on consumers, with comfortable, accessible, and “high” music as a mere aid to the transaction.

Honestly, music played by actual DJs or musicians represented maybe 5% of the music audible at this festival. On the one stage with two or three decent DJs over the whole weekend, even tried-and-true songs like Beenie Man’s “Who Am I” and hip hop classics didn’t do much because the sound didn’t really bump. They should have called Pat. The MCs had heart and hyped up the crowd of camera statues by screaming “Jinshan put ur hands up” et al and pouring vodka straight out of Stoli bottles. This got bursts of excitement and ‘FLASH!’ ‘SNAP!’ from eager cell phone cameras. Chinese people love white people actin crazy in these settings, and people went mad for the free “Perfecto Playboys” sunglasses like a god damn food riot. One kid dove over my feet and hit the sand to secure a pair.

This was the Collective Concepts stage. These are the people behind successful commercial clubs The Geisha, Flamingo, and The Apartment. Look, I don’t hate these places. I’ve had good times there, but they’re not an acceptable choice for managing one of two real stages at a music festival. Ironically, they probably cared more about the music than anyone else working at the festival. I mean, at least they had human DJs. Much of this festival’s fucked-up-ness was way beyond their control. Furthermore, I give them props for letting us play what we wanted on the third floor of Geisha last Saturday, and for letting us bring our own subwoofers into the club, and for allowing hip hop on the main floor on Fridays. These are all positive signs. My problem is that these clubs make a lot of money but somehow can’t cough up enough cash to sound as good as an underground spot like Dada or loosen up their music policy a bit instead of catering to the lowest common denominator. I believe a lot of people want something more, and unfortunately most of the bookings on their stage reflected the music policy at their clubs – commercial, comfortable, and easily digestible. McMusic. Why should people travel 90 minutes to a festival to see this when they can hear it at dozens of clubs any night of the week?

Somehow these clubs are tied into an mysterious enigma called Perfecto Playboys. I don’t exactly understand what Perfecto Playboys is. A brand? A lifestyle? A meme? Bad electrohouse and wack pop trance shit? These guys played lowest common-denominator electro KTV fistpump jams with some 3-D screen-saver font spinning in the background  advertising the mysterious Perfecto Playboys name. This is difficult to respect. One can push a crowd while being creative and maintaining some dignity, even while working in the frame of something familiar, e.g. Conrank’s bass-heavy remixes of Chinese songs.

Does “Party Rock Anthem” signify The End of Music? Is this mankind’s natural conclusion for music – derived, four-minute dance songs that are high, fun, and easily digestible? It doesn’t have to be like this. Challenge the audience a little.

If you’re a DJ playing at a music festival, you have to push the music you believe in. It’s not like earning scrill at some shit club in a third-tier city and playing music to keep the dice-playing customers happy on some baby-needs-shoes-and-I-gotta-eat hustle. And unfortunately whoever booked this festival on Saturday got a bunch of people who either don’t believe in anything or believe in total shit, with the exception of Hip Hop Hijack. I wasn’t there on Friday or Sunday so maybe James Blake or Cam’ron played, I dunno.

Admittedly, challenging the audience was hard at this festival, because people could wander to any booth selling some product and hear something they knew. I heard fucking Celiene Dion “Because You Loved Me” at one booth. That song should never be played at a music festival anywhere.

In the dark last hour of the festival, the last human DJ at the Perfecto Playboys stage, DJ Leo Chiodaroli, a resident at a wretched club called M2, requested no MCs during his set. How does this guy have such a long DJ name. His name alone is like half of a fucking Twitter/Weibo message. Why not just DJ Leo?  Anyway, after a few songs in his set, the crowd dwindled down to about five people, for there was no more show. Everyone migrated to the Bacardi tent to hear all of 2011’s biggest hits. A song would start, play all the way through, end, and move on to the next in the library. Either no one cared or no one noticed. And who can really blame them? Dude played garden variety house that may make worked with MCs getting hype but otherwise it’s just one foreign bro playing some indistinguishable house music.

It could have been so much better. Black Rabbit is still the best music festival I’ve been to in Shanghai, and JZ Festival and Strawberry Festival are affairs worth attending. The latter two are organized by locals and come recommended by this blog, so I’m not saying “they just don’t know how to do music festivals here,” but rather complaining about a festival ruined by consumerism and poor planning. Zebra was the music festival that wasn’t. Instead, we just got a trainwreck of brands, advertisements, bad sound, and tackiness at 128 beats per minute.

Hip Hop in China: Some thoughts on last night at Arkham


Crawl thru the SmartShanghai trenches and you’ll find options. That’s good. A city this big needs options and competition – that’s the only way the scene and individuals can progress. For a long time, I couldn’t believe that Shanghai had only one weekly hip hop night (Come Correct every Wednesday at The Shelter – a night I’m affiliated with), then I saw this on the world wide web yesterday:

“Are u miss some purely hip-hop shit and the real dance floor? Who killed it?
We don’t give a f**k those fake hip-hop lover!
Now, all of this will be changed again! Since we decided to rock the city
in Hip-hop again!
Whether you were a O.G of golden age or a rookie of the new generation
You can’t miss every Thursday night’s Black Bubble Party at Arkham
Purely hipster hip-hop music all night
The hottest dance floor in town
Coolest party folks and chicks
Every thursday night!Black Bubble @ Arkham, See U!!!”

Well, they decided to rock the city so I went down and gotta say I was impressed with the turnout. At least 100 local kids down there, looking very fashion with lots of streetwear. Lots of fake chains/ropes, lots of Jordans (admittedly this is not unique to shanghai hip hop shows). But the vibe felt like 2007 when Windows Jing An used to play hip hop on Friday/Saturday nights before they swept up the African dealers and South-East Asian hooks. Not exactly an old-school Muse 1 vibe but pretty damn close.

The warm-up DJ’s music selection was aight, featuring everything from Slick Rick’s “Lodi Dodi,” 2 Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar to Beyonce “Crazy in Love” and DMX “Party Up.” But the programming (song order) and file quality were off. Way off at times, like Gang Star-into-Skrillex off, plus a lot of MCing and “put your hands up” -isms. I didn’t stick around long enough to see Choyce Kutz play though so maybe it got better. Who was there? Lots of rich Shanghainese kids, some of them some poppin or lockin I can’t tell the difference, but most standing around. Someone burned my girlfriend with a cigarette and didn’t apologize. A few foreigners were gettin down. Basically a fashion, fu er dai (rich second generation) crowd though, and not a particularly polite or friendly one. To be fair, hip hop and grime nights around the world aren’t exactly known for the politeness and good behavior of their patrons, and this is definitely not the only place I’ve seen rude peeps out lately, but bumping into peeps or burning them w/cigs back home and not saying sorry, at a hip hop night, would not go down well. Can’t do nothin’ bout it here though, especially as a foreigner.

Does hip hop objectively have more posers than any other scene?

Anyone who cares about the music scene in China wants to see more local kids coming out to shows and enjoying music. But one can’t help but feeling a little disappointed with the there-to-be-scene and so fashion crowd. I know cool locals who come out to nights who aren’t so fashion and just wanna hear good music and dance, and some cool kids who don’t go out at all. This fashionista problem isn’t unique to China and anyway, it’s hard to judge a club night on it’s first night, but that does set the tone. Maybe it will become a community vibe like Come Correct someday. I don’t know. Nights take a long time to build, and who knows if Arkham will even be open in six months.

Anyway, let’s be happy for the competition and options, and happy that a local crew  started a hip hop night in a venue where you can dance. That’s honestly refreshing in a town where most club nights are run by foreigners and big clubs like Muse and 88 suck. Maybe this will inspire someone else to be like “hey I like hip hop but I’m not so fashion” and start their own thing. You know, reactions.

Notes: Hip Hop Hijack does a weekly party at The Geisha (tip! it’s always a good spot to hit on Fridays and goes late) but that just became a weekly party fairly recently, after years of bigger one-off events, whereas Come Correct has been going on weekly at The Shelter for well over a year.

This Thursday – Vinyl Night RETURNS to Logo


黑胶社会要会来! 本周四.

God damn it’s already the third Wednesday of that month, and you know what that means – tomorrow night we go down to Logo with a bunch of records and hope the turntables work. All vinyl, all night, at Logo Bar. We do it for free and for the love, so come down if you wanna hear some music you won’t hear anywhere else in a nice dive bar. Lots of UK Garage, House, Dubstep, and Jungle, plus the odd Cameo or Kate Bush record, mixed live on two Technics turntables.

Tmmr night we’ve got special guest Drunk Monk from Sub-Culture Shanghai/SVBKVLT/Uprooted Sunshine/The Shelter. Word is he’s playing at Outlook Festival in Croatia this summer with his wife ChaCha, one of the illest MCs in China. Dude also owns one of the biggest and baddest vinyl collections in the continent. Dubplates, super rare records, and some crazy shit you’ve never heard before, guaranteed. Badman. He’ll be down at midnight.

It’s happening on Xingfu Lu, a street where thousands have danced to something different than the music on most other streets in Shanghai. I’ve never heard the Titanic soundtrack or some Bosanova playing from a CD-hawker cart on Xingfu Lu, and that’s  the soundtrack of this damn city. 喔唷你们卖CD的人,你们换歌吧!听腻了.

Word is Drunk Monk is holding several copies of Kode9′s “Xingfu Lu” EP on Hyperdub vinyl. I’m hoping to grab one. You may remember Kode9 from his lectures on military applications of sound/sound as a weapon, and other esoteric topics at Dada Bar.

Anyway that’s Thursday, July 18th at Logo Bar (298 Xingfu Lu, near Pingwu Lu, near Jiaotong University Metro Station, Line 10). 10PM – 3AM, then we eat crayfish and are careful not to cut our hands. There are 叔叔 uncles soaking their feet in kiddie pools of cool water at the crayfish spot, drinking cold Suntory beer and eating crayfish after crayfish, with a Gucci t-shirt rolled halfway up their belly.

I’ve posted this before but here’s the recording from our first night with guests Shanghai Ultra and DJ Skinny Brown AKA DJ Sal. Thanks to all the listeners! We promise to try to get a recording tomorrow night, just in case you’re not in Shanghai or you are but you gotta do some bullshit or aren’t sure what ur friends are doing yet or dun really know logo is dat a new place??? or u hva early mornin or u might hav3 other planz, but you still want to listen. Well I got the Zoom X2 portable recorder ready with a fresh SD and some White Elephant brand batteries.

Crickets are mad loud huh. Amazing. Imagine if crickets over-bred so there were like, billions of crickets in the city and everyone had to use earplugs and communicate by text????


Upcoming Shows in Shanghai – First Week of June


Who remembers Baijiu Robot? That was Mau Mau and I learning how to DJ, being poor, and drinking Chinese white wine. This was way before Love Bang and TICT. We used to play at C’s Bar until a huge mafia brawl went down one night, leaving blood all over the walls and us finding a new location – the original Logo on Xingfu Lu.

We’re getting together on Thursday at the new Logo to play a three or four hour back-to-back set. Since then Mau Mau has become easily one of the best DJs in China, with crazy skills on the CDJs. Really excited to play a B2B set with dude.


Remember that vinyl night last month? Went so well that we’ve doing it again this Saturday. Yes, you probably have to work on Sunday, so that’s an even better reason to just come down and listen to some vinyl. We’ve got six DJs and hundreds of records. No laptops, no CDs – strictly wax. If you haven’t heard the recording from last time, peep it right here:


And finally, this is where you wanna be on Sunday night. No work on Monday so I’m playing a six-hour set at Dada on Sunday. This will go late – at least 4AM.

Loads of shows so come through and say what up! Don’t be shy.

I’m at Mural this Friday night too from 10:30PM – 12:30AM. Always a messy good time with 100RMB open bar.

Looking ahead to June 22nd, we’ve got Love Bang x Hip Hop Hijack going down at 390 and we’re releasing a special Love Bang cassette that night too. More details soon.

TONIGHT @ LOGO! It’s Heatwolves’ Castle


Hey I’m DJing tonight from 10PM – 2AM @ Logo Bar on Xingfu Lu.

Jams like this:

Mala – Changes (James Blake Harmonimix)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

and this:

Cassie – All My Love (Kingdom Edit)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Nice basement dive with plush couches, cheap-ish drinks, and good tunes. Come say what up.




Huge vibes at the first round of 黑胶社会 last Thursday. So much so that we’re doing it on a Saturday next month – June 8th.

We recorded the whole night last Thursday with a Zoom H4n portable recorder placed up in the ceiling. Please note that we recorded this with a mic, in a basement, so it’s not the cleanest sound; but that fits the aesthetic of the night. Here’s a sample of what went down, and what to expect on the third Thursday of every month.

no tracklist, but feel free to add your guesses in the comments!