CRNKN interview – Skid Row and the post-trap era.

This interview originally appeared in edited form over on Shanghaiist. Thanks to Rachel Gouk for getting that published. I’ve attached a few photos from the event last Friday, courtesy of Money Shots photography. Outstanding party with about 400 peeps through the door and a overall vibe of “let’s rage.” Here’s CRNKN chillin backstage just before his set, lookin hella determined after driving to Wuxi to DJ at an amusement park the night before then jetting back to LA fourty-eight hours later. For a twenty year-old, this kid is super focused. Full unedited interview below.


We’re living in strange times, where fiber optics, cracked software, and the MP3 have led to an era where music genres collide, transcending race and place. These postmodern conditions often and with increasing frequency result in similarly weird blends of styles that are discussed using words like “twerk,” “ratchet,” and “turnt up.”  Such is the case of Trap Music,” the latest fad in another fad called EDM (Electronic Dance Music). In more tangible terms, trap music blends dubstep, southern rap instrumentals, gunshots/broken glass, rave sounds like synths, and slurred or shouted rap lyrics about sin. This is the sound of music festivals in America in 2013.


Enter CRNKN, a 20-year old from New Hampshire who happened to drop out of college and start producing electronic music around the time Trap was taking off a few years ago, acquired some fame from this, and has since distanced himself from The Trap and waded into other styles. His music, both original productions and remixes for artists like Die Antwoord and Major Lazer, is danceable, colorful, and playful like Studio Ghibli cartoons. He’s rocking Arkham this Friday along with Conrank, Mau Mau, Shanghai In The Trap, and yrs truly. I talked with him over Skype about living a few blocks from Skid Row, parties in Dim Sum restaurants, working construction, and what’s up on Friday night.

CRNKN: How’s it going?

Heatwolves (HW): Chillin in the kitchen, making cookies. Heavy cooking today. It’s 10AM in LA where you are, what are you eating for breakfast?

CRNKN: I have not eaten anything yet.

HW: Chinese breakfast, that’s one of the best parts about being here. Like after the show we’ll hit up the noodle restaurants and get pancakes on the street.

CRNKN: Sick, looking forward to it.

HW: Who are you, to people who don’t you?

CRNKN: I’m Gabe Baer, also known as CRNKN (“crankin”), from a little town on the East Coast in New Hampshire and I relocated to LA about a year ago.

HW: I saw you went backpacking and then you went broke, and that’s when you started producing music because you were broke?

CRNKN: Yeah I quit school and went on this really long backpacking trip and came back, didn’t have a job or any money. I wasn’t going to school so I had a lot of free time and I started producing when I wasn’t working a boring retail job.

HW: Where’d you go for the backpacking trip?

CRNKN: Central America. Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, and Nicaragua.

HW: I’ve been out here a long time so I’ve missed this whole EDM thing back home, but it’s huge. Are you an EDM artist?

CRNKN: I make electronic music, I don’t know if EDM is the best way to describe it, because that’s beginning to stand for repetitive music that isn’t very creative.

HW: So what kind of stuff are you playing in your sets?

CRNKN: I play a lot of different stuff in my sets; everything from ASAP Ferg, Mr. Karmac, Gesaffelstein, a lot of Bromance stuff…these dudes from Austrailia “Peking Duck,” I play a lot of their stuff.

HW: I read that you also play basketball?

CRNKN: I do play basketball. Pretty much every day.

HW: In LA, you play street ball or what?

CRNKN: [laughs] No, I’d get destroyed. And it’s pretty dangerous. I live right near Skid Row.

HW: What’s Skid Row like, for people who don’t know?

CRNKN: Skid row is this section of downtown Los Angeles where lots and lots of homeless people now call their home. There’s one street called San Pedro like three blocks from my apartment, and it’s literally just tents and blankets, and if you drive through there at night it feels like you’re in The Walking Dead, because there’s people stumbling through the streets, walking up to your car…it’s pretty crazy.

HW: Do people die down there?

CRNKN: Yes, people die down there.

HW: Damn, ten minutes from your house. Have you ever been robbed?

CRNKN: No, but the other day a hobo tried to steal my vitamins which was pretty dumb. I was walking back from Target and I’d just bought some multi-vitamins and he snatched my bag but I pulled it away and hit him with it then I ran, but that’s the only time in a year that someone’s tried to steal something from me.

HW: Just on the street like that?

CRNKN: I’ve never been anywhere in my life where you can be in a nice area with businessmen and Italian suits and people driving Teslas, and a block away there’s people dying on the streets. I don’t mean to paint it in a negative picture, because LA is really cool but it’s really strange seeing that kind of stuff on a fairly regular basis, especially coming from such a small town it was a pretty big culture shock.

HW: And you live in a building with a lot of other DJs, Who else lives in your building?

CRNKN: Kastle, Dillon Francis lived here but he just moved out, Dave Nada, LA Riots, AC Slater, Sabo…

HW: Wild. Do you have a car?

CRNKN: I don’t have a car but I’m moving out of downtown soon though which will necessitate that. Here you can walk everywhere or take the metro.

HW: Why the move out from downtown?

CRNKN: I like downtown a lot, I like the creative thing, but it’s also gross here, and I wanna have a dog and this isn’t a good place to have a dog. LA is weird, very strange. How many people live in Shanghai?

HW: About 20 million

CRNKN: That’s more than twice the size of LA. All of LA County is just 8 million and it’s still the second biggest city in the US.

HW: Have you been to Asia before?

CRNKN: No but China and Japan have been on my top go-to list since I was a little kid, and I’ve been slowly knocking countries off that list.

HW: I guess Japan is higher on that list because you’re an anime fan? What are your top three anime?

CRNKN: Yeah…I am a big fan of Japan, but like I said China’s always been in the works too. Top three anime…well, since I grew up watching it I’d have to go Dragon Ball Z for number one since I’ve been watching it since I was five years old. I take that back, anything by Studio Ghibli, Spirited Away/Princess Mononoke, those would go in number one, then Dragon Ball Z second, then Rurouni Kenshin for number three. All classics.

HW: I see you have a track out called “Akira,” classic anime.

CRNKN: Fantastic movie. I wish I didn’t have to put that song out cause I really liked it and I wanted to finish it and use it for something, but I lost the project file and I had that version saved so I just put it out otherwise it would have just sat on my computer forever.

HW: Interesting track, it’s kinda different from your other stuff.

CRNKN: Yeah pretty much everything I’m making right now is really different from my other stuff. The other stuff was fun when I was making it, but I was following a path everyone else is going in. And I realized I was doing that because that was cool and what people wanted to hear, and then I realized that that’s not why I started making music. So I just went back to making what I wanna hear and what I like listening to. And if people wanna listen to it that’s cool, and if not then that’s also cool. Just make whatever I wanna make and not be labeled. It’s still gonna be dancey but not necessarily gonna be the same thing every time.

HW: I saw a fan comment on the Akira track “if I paid to see you played this, I’d be mad.”

CRNKN: Yeah, and the thing is a lot of people have been mad at my sets lately because I stopped playing Trap. I still play some but I used to play all Trap sets because that’s what I was doing. I play a lot of different stuff and a lot of older fans have been pissed, but I made a point to say odds are I’m probably not gonna play the Trap anthem that you’re looking for me to play so don’t expect it. But for every trap fan I lose I gain one fan that’s really into what I’m doing now and excited about my other stuff.

HW: For people who don’t know, what is Trap?

CRNKN: Trap is the white-kid amalgamation of electronic music and southern drug rap, like Gucci Mane/Juicy J.

HW: That’s what’s popular in the States right now?

CRNKN: Yeah it’s really popular. That and big room house.

HW: Are there nights in LA where it’s all Trap, all night?

CRNKN: There were but LA is one of those fashion-forward sorta places so people get over stuff really quick here. And most of the people here are really in tune with what’s going on with electronic music, so it was really big here, but it’s tapering off because people have heard that a hundred times. So there’s a lot of deeper nights here now, like Dirtybird and those kinda vibes. New York is the same way. People were really stoked on trap and just got sick of it, but the rest of the states like the middle and the corners are all really into it still. Like the biggest shit ever.

HW: So house/deep house nights are popular now?

CRNKN: Well, for the people that are in-tune with what’s going on. And a lot of DJs are getting tired of trap. Not to say that it’s a bad thing but no one’s doing anything fresh, so a lot of people are hesitant to align themselves with it because they don’t wanna go down with the ship when people stop being creative which is sort of happening. That’s why I don’t wanna align myself with it because I don’t wanna align myself with shit that’s not creative or pushing the envelope.

HW: So what’s the next big thing then?

CRNKN: I don’t know, I’m really hoping that the next big thing is the US takes a break from really heavy shit and gets more into stuff that’s music-driven and vibey, instead know. That’s what I’m hoping. It’s like that in the rest of the world, everyone is over big heavy music and we’re the only one’s still really stoked on it.

HW: I saw you DJed with Oneman (British DJ), how was that?

CRNKN: It was actually a really cool party, in Chinatown in NYC, in this Dim Sum restaurant, and it was this random-ass location and I was like “oh man this show isn’t gonna be great, it’s in the weirdest spot ever” but it was tight, super fun. It was sort of an underground show; really fun cause I don’t get to play stuff like that very often.

HW: How was Oneman’s set? What are the big differences between US DJs and UK DJs?

CRNKN: His set was good, a lot of hip hop. US DJs, we’re all about playing hits, and the UK DJs are a little less about that and more about cultivating a vibe. We’re about playing hit after hit until people are super tired and they go home. Not to say that’s it’s just us that want that, but that’s just the thing right now. People just wanna go in and be all that they can be while they’re at the show.

HW: Yeah people are wilding out, they’re dying. What do you think about this?

CRNKN: People are dumb. My gf and I talk about this a lot. At Electric Zoo in New York, two girls from the college I went to died, and it’s sad, and I don’t wanna sound insensitive, but if you’re gonna go get fucked up at a festival, you should learn how to do it the right way. Don’t be an idiot, drink some water. I feel terrible for families of the girls, but be responsible. It’s like anything; if you’re gonna operate an excavator you gotta know how to use it or you could smash someone’s car or something.

HW: Have you driven an excavator?

CRNKN: I have driven an excavator. I’m from a really small state and that shit is a lot more normal there, and my dad works for a construction company and I’ve worked construction.

HW: No shit, I worked construction too.

CRNKN: Construction sucks. It’s real work. It builds character but it’s hard. I don’t think I know a single person in LA that I could see doing construction. It’s hard.

HW: Do you go out much in LA?

CRNKN: The simple answer to that question is no. The longer answer is that I’m not old enough to go out here in LA yet. I’m only 20 so I can’t go out technically. I go out to things I can go to, like I just went out the Mad Decent block party, and went to HARD a month ago, and stuff I can go to, but more often than not I skip some of the smaller things. I’m kind of a homebody.

HW: Have you ever been to Low End Theory?

CRNKN: Yeah I’ve been a couple times, once Flying Lotus ended up playing as a special guest. No one knew that he was playing. He’s sick.

HW: About how many times a week do you play shows? Do you play any residencies?

CRNKN: Generally like two days a week, like every weekend or every other weekend. No residencies probably because I’m not old enough to go to the clubs where they have residents. I’m going on tour on October 17th with Bro Safari, so I haven’t been playing many shows, a little slow period before I go on tour.

HW: I’ve never heard the Bro Safari. Seen the name.

CRNKN: Yeah he’s got a really big US pull, he plays all the big festivals here.

HW: How long are you gonna be in town and what are you expecting?

CRNKN: Just the weekend, really quick four-day thing, really only two days in Shanghai. I’m not expecting anything. In the US I know a lot of the clubs, and I’ve played a lot of places. But when I went to Australia and Russia, I had no idea. It’s always different and it’s interesting to see how shows go.

HW: You played in Russia?

CRNKN: I’ve played in Russia, Isreal, Austrailia, China…the list is slowly growing.

HW: What was the club like in Russia?

CRNKN: I played in St. Petersberg and Moscow, and they were both awesome, but that was back when I was pretty thick into the trap thing, so they were trap shows. People were really excited.

HW: Friday’s gonna be good, Arkhams a dope venue, the lineup is dope. The other dude Conrank is a sick producer, does a lot of stuff with Chinese pop stars, Mau Mau that dude’s dope, I’m gonna open. Anything else you wanna say to the peeps in Shanghai, what can we expect?

CRNKN: I play a lot of different stuff, so if you’re not feeling something that I’m playing, I guarantee I’ll play something you’ll like at some point in the set, so there’s a little something for everybody and I super stoked to see what China’s all about.

HW: So we can expect a lot of your own productions [in the set]?

CRNKN: Yeah a lot of my new stuff, maybe 8 – 10 songs, and the rest is stuff I’m really into right now.

HW: Looking forward to it.



Sunday On Soundcloud


It’s Sunday, so here’s your soundtrack for wherever you find may yourself, e.g. hungover and dodging shopping carts in a teeming supermarket, wandering flooded streets amongst abandoned cars, baking salmon with rosemary, or drinking coffee on the balcony.

First off, this mix by Trippy Turtle for Diplo & Friends. Yes, this guy is probably Cashmere Cat. Whoever he is, he makes unbelievably good Jersey Club tunes, many of which appear in this mix and frustratingly almost none of them are available for download/purchase.

And if you’re spending Sunday in the trap, look no further than CRNKN. This 21 year-old from Toronto makes some banging tunes with all those hi-hat rolls the kids love. He’s playing this Friday at Arkham, with support from Conrank, Mau Mau, Shanghai In The Trap, and yrs truly. Looks like a huge show, big up to Luce at 1LoveShanghai for putting it together. Peep his one-hour mix, also for Diplo & Friends, right here:

And finally this great little Cure edit by the local homie Raph from Acid Pony Club.



Chillin With Doctor Jing, Part One


When you step into a convenience store in Shanghai on the late-nite tip, you could just buy a 5RMB ice cream and a water and call it a night, with a quick xiexie to the clerk if you’re not a cunt. But sometimes you might stop and chat with these peeps who keep the Lawsons, the C-Stores, and the Family Marts open all night, cause some of them have a story.

This is the story of Dr. Jing, a guy who works in the convenience store below my apartment. A real motherfuckin’ G. Over the past few months we’ve become friends and sometimes we sit down and drink some Suntory Beer mixed with Chinese rice wine and discuss where to eat lamb, real estate in Shandong, Chinese drinking culture that will allegedgly take over three weeks of non-stop discussion to explain, and the ills of modern life. He’s invited me to go eat lamb across town in the morning next week, while drinking beers and soaking our feet in cold water and I’m probably gonna go. Dr. Jing says I don’t know bout this lamb.

Dr. Jing is one of the realest dudes I know. Like tonight, he literally just got off a train from a city two hours away because his dad was getting surgery for a stroke. Who paid the bill? Insurance only covered 100,000RMB so Dr. Jing footed the remaining 60,000RMB. And he doesn’t get it all from convenience store money – dude works three jobs. Technically he has only two hours of sleep but he can sleep 3 – 4 hours at one of his jobs in a private room. All the money from the convenience store, a mere 4000RMB, goes to his daughter, a university student. He used to be a designer, used to work in Shenzhen making loads of dough when the economy was expanding fast like WeChat; and he told me I’m a pussy for turning down beer because I’m trying to lose weight. He knows the guy who designed the logo for Shanghai cigarettes, which are now called jing shuang xi (golden double happiness), and claims dude only got paid 1000RMB for the design.

Tonight we were sippin beers, eatin peanuts with chopsticks, and taking hits of the old Er Gou Tou (2GT wuDup R3DD1T F#AM). Local dude walks in wearing plaid pajamas and buys a milk. After he walks out, Dr. Jing says that guy came in four hours ago with 5000RMB ($800) in hand on his way to the gambling spot. Just came back for the milk empty handed, and that’s the fourth time this week. Dr. Jing sees all this going on, but he don’t judge. See, at night, Dr. Jing likes to drink Baijiu. Sometimes he’ll hit like two or three bottles of the 2GT and still hold it down at the cash register.

This is a dude who got divorced and still lives with his wife, who he never sees because she’s out the door when he returns home from job #2. Dr. Jing does everything for his family. Aside from the drink, he divorced because he gave his brother a load of loot to buy an apartment and didn’t tell wifey till five years later.

Tonight Dr. Jing told me that there were no sexually transmitted diseases in China before 1982. He says AIDS and money hit China at the same time. And dude sings.

More stories from sessions with Dr. Jing coming soon.

Eazy E – Real Muthaphuckkin G’s

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Three 6 Mafia – Late Nite Tip

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Pet Shop Boys – Home And Dry (Rizzla Remix)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


iPhone vs Android in China: Part Two, The First Week


Last week I tech-blogged about outdated products in a quick review of my switch to Android from iPhone. A week has passed and I’m on the fence, but I’m definitely not feeling HTC, especially a model that got such high praise. Sleepy ass phone always powering off or lying and saying it’s got like 80% battery then just passes out like this one time i met a junkie on the subway in LA and I says hey how do i get to Chinatown and the junkie replies “we got a Chinatown now? huh.” and nodded off out for about seven seconds then sprung up and did a one-arm pullup. That’s HTC, just nodding off.

This HTC eats through batteries faster than a fake wife eats through a bank account. If I charge my phone overnight it lasts until about 5PM if I use Instagram. Awful. I thought some Indian girl in high school made a battery that lasts like five days what happened to her and where’s that battery? Last weekend I borrowed a friend’s iPhone to make a call after HTC died and was like oh god damn this shit got the Lexus feel.  The iPhone GUI kills Android in so many ways, but there’s still some praise for Android. Let’s break it down.

The Good

1. Phone + Serato. I can put my Serato Crates into a folder on my phone then just plug my phone into my friend’s laptop and DJ using their computer using the “file” function in Serato, same as a USB drive. This is huge; probably my favorite thing about Android so far.

2. Instagram runs much smoother on Android, at least compared to the iPhone 3GS. Can’t download Vine though cause I’m on Kiwi Suitcase or AC Lobster or some other outdated OS.

3. Predictive text is way faster in Android. If I start typing a word I’ve used before, like “modern,” once i enter “mod,” choices like “modern,” “modernize,” and “modernization” appear.

4. Can download music right to the phone, preview it, then bring the best onto my computer. Much better workflow than bringing songs into iTunes, copying to iPhone, listening, then deleting the wack shit from iTunes, the download folder, and any other places OSX decided to make duplicate copies. Sometimes I feel like Apple programmed the OS to make duplicates of files to fill up the hard drive so computer gets slow and fussy and you go to the Apple Store and sort out a new laptop.

The Bad

1. Much easier to hack the Android. Makes me paranoid about data security.

2. The aforementioned HTC battery drain. Disappointment is the word.

3. Probably HTC-specific but the camera can’t focus on really close objects like iPhone can. Camera also has trouble focusing when lights are changing color or objects are moving. iPhone camera definitely wins here.

4. Much harder to find an HTC charger when in need. Basically every friend/shop/bar/restaurant has an iPhone charger lying around.

5. GUI cannot touch iOS. Also it’s just way more comfortable to type an essay/post on iPhone Notes than in Android.

So I’m gonna upgrade the battery and upgrade the OS to Jelly Bean and see what happens next week. For now I’m still hanging onto Android because it’s a USB drive that also takes pictures/video and can make calls if the battery doesn’t die.

More adventures in tech-blogging about outdated technology coming soon!

Love Bang Mixtape 04 – Ceezy


So we tried to post this to Soundcloud, but the cloud fluffed back due to copyright restrictions. Pretty unfortunate considering how fresh this is. Free download right here, tracklist coming soon.

这里有上海大技术宅男CEEZY最新的MIX! 您可以免费下载点下面. 本来放在SOUNDCLOUD但他们不让因为侵犯版权…


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

This is actually the fourth mixtape he’s done for us. They’re all great – peep this one from last year.

And then check dozens of his original productions over on his Douban. Here’s a more recent beat of his I really dig, which appeared on my tape for Uptown Records. Definitely more of a Brainfeeder sound a la Samiyam on this one.

Ceezy – SSP

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Ceezy grew up in Shanghai and discovered rap when his dad brought a Brother Lynch and Ice Cube CD home from the music market along with some Mozart. But instead of just aping the 90s hip hop sound like some producers here, Ceezy goes back as far as the 1940s, drawing influences from jazz, soul, and funk to craft his beats, which can sound like magic carpet rides to mini worlds in a Squaresoft RPG.

He’s also the object of obsession for more than a few Chinese girls, who think he’s the most handsome thing ever, like something straight out of a manga/Japanese comic book. But they rarely see him in real life because he’s a total 宅男 (zhai nan), or “stay at home boy.” You may have seen this “宅” zhai character on on flyers, usually in the form of a ghost saying “不要宅!” meaning “don’t stay at home.” I’ve definitely realized that not all the local Chinese kids who love music go out, and not all the locals who go out love music.

There’s actually two kinds of zhai, 普通宅 (Pǔtōng zhái – stay at home and play Angry Birds or sleep all day and night) and 技术宅 (Jìshù zhái – stay at home and be productive). Ceezy definitely falls into the later category, as he’s always making beats on an old PC or doing sound design for those time-killing smartphone games that the 普通宅 love. He’s been quoted as saying he dislikes the outside world and he really just wants to make music in his own world. Luckily we’ve convinced him to visit our world and DJ this Friday night at 390 Bar.


So get down to 390 early to catch a set of soul, jazz, hip hop, and original beats by Ceezy from 9:30 – 12, then a B2B set by DJ Caution and myself until about 4:00AM. We’ll be playing straight up dance music ranging from disco to house to baltimore club. It’s RMB30 with one shot and free before 11PM if you RSVP to




Love Bang Universe Mix 03 – William J


Huge thank you to everyone who came out to our pool party yesterday. Best vibe ever. We’ll be back this Saturday, August 3rd with DJ Choyce Kutz, Raph from Acid Pony Club, Sal from Popasuda, DJ Caution, and myself. I guess you heard the spot’s on Wending Lu near Hongqiao Lu, a few minutes walk from the Xujiahui metro station. To hold you over until then we’ve got a brand new mix from William J.

We’re gonna keep dropping heat every week in this summer of record-setting temperatures, fans and ACs, lakes in the north pole, and salmon sunsets over the pool. This week we’ve got a tape by a cat from Singapore who wrecked three shows in Shanghai last weekend –  Dada for my birthday party, Saturday at Shelter for the SVBKLT x Darker Than Wax party, and the first Love Bang Pool Party yesterday.

I asked William J a few questions via email today after he got back to Singapore. Here’s what he had to say about 72 hours in Shanghai.

Heatwolves: You were just in Shanghai for three days and played three shows at Dada, The Shelter, and a Sunday pool party – how was it?

William J:  My time in Shanghai rushed and hectic, but was an amazing time overall. I’ve never had the privilege to travel overseas to play music, and this was a great introduction to that kind of experience. I feel like the diversity of the venues I played at allowed me to properly showcase my full range of tastes, and had some of the most fun sets in a long time.

Heatwolves: How does the scene in Shanghai compared to what’s going on down in Singapore?

William J: The scene in Singapore is great and there are tons of really talented DJs here, but at the moment there is a real lack of small or mid-sized proper ‘underground’ venues. People definitely know how to party in Singapore, but at times I feel there are too many people in the crowd observing the music rather than interacting with it.

The venues I played in Shanghai were gritty, grimy, and hectic – a really nice change to the slickness of venues in Singapore. Dada felt like a really great house party, and the crowd was really receptive to everything I played, even the weirder grime and garage bits. The Shelter was a next-level experience for me, intimate yet anonymous at the same time, and really reminded me about why I got into music in the first place.

Heatwolves: What was the best thing that happened to you in your 72 hours here?

William J: Leaving The Shelter in a daze at 6 AM and being blinded by the daylight. Surreal.
Heatwolves: What’s the story with this mixtape?
William J: This mixtape was just a one take jam that I think represents the range of sounds that I play. It includes a few bits from some Darker Than Wax artists, as well as a few classics.

Heatwolves: What’s next for you and your label, Darker Than Wax?

William J: My only plans are to keep DJing as much as I can, improve my production skills and output, and continue to help grow Darker Than Wax. My tune ‘Handzup’ will be coming out on a limited run, vinyl only white label series out of Boston called Juxtapose, I believe that is coming out in the next month or two. The next Darker Than Wax release will be out very soon (30 July), an EP featuring beats from french producers Fantastikclick & Sport G who also run the fantastic label Cascade Records. You can grab it at

Shouts to everyone in Shanghai for such a great time, I will be back as soon as I can.

_ _ _ _ _

Now onto the mix…


This one’s a voyage through the seas of club music – Ghetto House, new rap from Chicago, dancehall, beats, and even The Trammps! This one floats all over the place – just how we like it. Thirty selections in fifty minutes, all mixed live on two CDJs.


1. King Louie – Val Venis (JD. Reid Remix)
2. Freddie GIbbz – Neighborhood Hoez (Wayvee $trip Polez Edit)
3. ESTA – SheNeedsMe(InMoreWaysThen1)
4. Ikonika – Beach Mode (Dub)
5. The Trammps – The Night The Lights Went Out
6. Jean Nipon / Koyote – R.M.S. (To Steve)
7. Jesse Perez – Interracial Booty Calls (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
8. C.Z. – WHY DIS
9. GoldFFinch – For The F*
10. Large Joints – Down On You (Hands Up Mix)
11. Killjoy – Inaudible Badness
12. Groove Connektion 2 – Club Lonely (Dem 2 Lonely Vocal Mix)
13. Preditah – Groupies (2013)
14. Alicia Myers – I Want To Thank You (Re-edit)
15. MORRI$ – White Hood (BB Dub)
16. DJ Skip – Bang That
17. K Shiz – Blood remix
18. DJ Marfox – Rádio Oxigénio AM
19. Hypha – SoundbwoyKilla
20. Daddy Mory – Dancehall Time (The Clerk rmx)
21. Mr. Vegas – Certain Law
22. Stylo G – Press Up (Poirier Dengue Riddim Remix)
23. Leftside ft. Shaggy – Jump Up Around (Euro Mix)
24. DJ Tre – No Mo Playin (Original Mix)
25. Cali Swag District – Teach Me How To Dougie (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
26. DJ Spinn – Exhibit G
27. Lil Jabba – Red Current
28. DJ Taye – Yo Bitch Out Here
29. DJ Acey ft. Stylez – I’m Dead(Just Believe)
30. FloydCheung – Document 4

William J is on the Darker Than Wax label, headed by some really cool peeps I had a chance to meet this weekend. Shout out to Dean, Floyd Cheng, and of course Gaz AKA Drunk Monk for bringing them out to Shanghai! Check out the label over at their Soundcloud. They’re always giving away gems.



Feeling calm now with Astrill back? What’s really c’estbon in Shanghai fam??

I’m posted up in one of Shanghai’s criminally underrated cafes, Family Mart, with “Like a G6” and the Fam Mart welcome ring on blast. Just took bus #76 to Jing An, aka France part deux, and found a cafe with owl-themed deserts but no wi-fi so return to Family Mart (Fam Mart). Can’t pay have-wifi prices for places without wifi now.

Fam Mart really stepped up their food game last month with yuppie inspired items like paninis, chicken bacon wraps, and potato salad. The wraps are steady winnin’ for 8RMB plus their jiaozi and noodles pwn the competition. Some Fam Marts have fat bags of treats (gummy bears or sour peaches) for 8RMB plus decent cookies. Rounded out by an ice cream selection with that red-bean fish, chairs by the window, and cheap americano, I rate Fam Mart. I once made my own milkshake here with that ice cream that looks like Vienetta (remember that Persian Cat commercial??) and some lion ice creams in the “MP3” blender. High staff morale here; team players.

Alright so if you’re not hanging out in Family Mart this weekend, here’s what’s good.


1. Launch Party @ Dada Bar. DJ Caution and myself, along with MC One Con all nite at the 老地方 on Xingfu Lu. Just gonna hook up two Serato boxes and play back to back on two Technics all night. Got a lot of new rap and club music plus  old techno/acid I wanna play and you know DJ Caution always comes correct #shanghaimostunderrated. Will be pumpin’ for sure, and it’s free entry.

2. Simian Mobile Disco @ Arkham. Really solid booking for Shanghai. I saw these guys play at BonBon* back in 2008 and the killed it. Think this is just a DJ set but should be good, albeit slightly expensive – RMB220 at the door. They just did a track with our friends Bicep that’s getting lots of love over on the Soundclouds:


*Bonbon, a OG RMB100 all-you-can-drink club open on Huaihai Lu/Changshu Lu until early 2010, I think. Absolute madness. Broken glass everywhere, like that song; and absolutely treacherous stairs leading up to the door. Saw many, many falls there, and legitimately saw someone dead or at least with a broken neck at one point. Once a woman there offered to drive drunk and take me back to Hangzhou. But Bonbon had better music than any of today’s all-you-can-drink spots like Pheobe (no love…) and Ruby’s (dear god..). I believe the legendary Trix was a resident at one point.

3. Snapline at 390: Pretty famous post-punk/new wave Chinese rock band from Beijing, plus my friend Hei Mu from Xi’an and Duck Fight Goose, who are sometimes really good but did get booed off the stage when they opened for Slash due to unfortunate lineup selection. Really solid local rock show for sure. RMB50 Cover.

4. Hip Hop Hijack @ The Geisha – Always a solid choice for strictly hip hop, r&b, dancehall, urban. Also saw that dude DJ Mick kill it last Friday with a trap set. Tonight they’ve flown in a guest from Europe so it’s RMB100 at the door.

(sound cloud link to track with bicep).

And I believe Shanghai Pride week starts today? Shout out to Pride – the 10% making a lot of progress but still not enough. People in America still tripping over gay marriage when the US Gov spies on them and kills children abroad with drones.

Or you could just go to an exclusive party on the bund and act like a Saudi Prince in Thailand #itslavishbitch.


1. College @ Shanghai Rose. You know that movie Drive and the dope italo-disco soundtrack? The dude who made a lot of that music, College, is playing live at Shanghai Rose with visuals by the homie Chromaphase, who I wrote about here. Peep this reel of his latest adventures in 3D-mapping. I saw College last year at Yuyintang and can vouch for it. I’ve never been to Shanghai Rose, heard the [old] building is cool. Looking forward to this. Peep Chromaphase’s new mapping right here. It’s 80RMB at the door or RMB50 presale at 247 Tickets.

2. Reddit Meetup at Masse – Had a good time at the last Reddit meetup, met lots of cool cats. Looking forward to meeting my old-school grammar fam who took the time to read this site and hate on my writing styles/conrank’s mixtape/etc. I’ve long said there’s not enough criticism in this town. Thinking we can talk postmodern lit/critical theory via social networking/etc at the meet up.  Big up grammar fam. #upvotegrammarfam #notmadatgrammarfam.

3. Rock Show at Yuyintang (Kaixuan Lu Yanan Lu, northwest corner) – Another rock for charity show, this time with both laowai and local bands, and proceeds go to Mongolian Orphans (show is put on by DJ BO, who did Peace Corps in Mongolia for a few years). The bands = Friend or Foe, Feima, Airwalker, Arm the Faithless, and Hello Money. RMB50 cover, RMB30 for students.

4. Stockholm Syndrome @ The Shelter (#5 Yongfu Lu) – Darkwave, industrial, techno and just all around cool music by Tzu Sing. If you like your dance music dark and 黑暗, this is the party for you. Kim Laughton on visuals and lasers plus the charming Velvet Robot on DJ support

5. Daytime – Volunteer at a homeless shelter with BEAN @…a homeless shelter. Hey you’ll feel better about all yer Shanghai sinnin’ if you go play checkers with a homeless uncle. He might even drop some life knowledge on you. It might be like that Storm Queen song. You can volunteer by sending an email to


1. Sunday Live Rock show at 696 Live House (Live Bar): a bit of a trek but worth it to see some bands for free on a Sunday afternoon. I’m a big fan of Sunday shows, #underratedinshanghai. Lineup is Feima, Marquee 7, and _________. _______ is a secret.

2. Loads of ShanghaiPRIDE events going on. Check their website to find out about film screenings, runs, and other events.

3. Don’t forget, it’s fathers day!

Alright that’s it. See you in Family Mart.

and don’t be burnin in the club! fuzz be out naimean.

what’s coming up next

cookin and playin squash on no sleep. got loads of new tunes to play at dada tonight though. bout to space out on sitar for a minute and transcend insomnia.

in recent developments, we’re launching the love bang website next week so stay tuned for that and a special B2B set by Caution and myself.


then we’re dropping a mix on cassette thru uptown records and linking up with hip hop hijack for a party on the 22nd. we’re giving away one boombox, bunch of tapes, bottles, and tickets so stay tuned.


then it’s pool parties.

you’ll definitely hear this at Dada tonight:

Action Bronson x Harry Fraud – Mean (ft. French Montana)

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