Here’s a collection of flyers I’ve drawn for my club nights in Shanghai and around China over the last few years.


Beat Buffet, which hasn’t happened in months but isn’t dead, always features live bands, whereas Love Bang focuses on hip hop, party music, dubstep, and ghetto house.


Really don’t know what happened to the Love Bang 2 poster, but Love Bang 3 was epic. I had just returned from Japan, exhausted, with a lot of records. People tore their clothes off on the dancefloor.

Apparently I did this in a rush and took a picture with the ol’ cameraphone instead of walking two blocks down to the printshop and scanning…

And a noticeable jump in quality for Love Bang 5. This one went until at least 5AM with a classic set by Drunk Monk.


Love Bang 17 - Dada Bar Shanghai

these pool parties were off the chain…they’ll be back next summer.





Beat Buffet II is my favorite poster ever. It’s simple and perfect.

The Walrus in Beat Buffet 3 is not DJ Caution. Just another Walrusbro.

Beat Buffet 4 getting real ghetto like.

oh, and this party was the precursor to Beat Buffet…

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