Scams in China: Text From The Landlord

Got this text from a random number this morning:

“Hello, I’m your landlord. I’m outside of Shanghai right now, so please put this month’s rent in bank account XX. After you deposit the money, please let me know.”

I knew this was bullshit for two reasons:

1) I’m moving this weekend and already told my landlord to take the January rent out of my security deposit.

2) My friend got the same text a few weeks ago and called his landlord to see what the deal was. Landlord knew nothing about it.

There’s loads of scams in China, most of which affect locals more than foreigners. While discussing this text message at lunch today, my colleague said someone in our building got swindled out of RMB20,000 (>$3,000) last week! Watch out, and ignore texts/calls from strangers.

Loving what’s happening with female R&B/Rap at the moment: