Love Bang Mixtape 04 – Ceezy


So we tried to post this to Soundcloud, but the cloud fluffed back due to copyright restrictions. Pretty unfortunate considering how fresh this is. Free download right here, tracklist coming soon.

这里有上海大技术宅男CEEZY最新的MIX! 您可以免费下载点下面. 本来放在SOUNDCLOUD但他们不让因为侵犯版权…


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This is actually the fourth mixtape he’s done for us. They’re all great – peep this one from last year.

And then check dozens of his original productions over on his Douban. Here’s a more recent beat of his I really dig, which appeared on my tape for Uptown Records. Definitely more of a Brainfeeder sound a la Samiyam on this one.

Ceezy – SSP

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Ceezy grew up in Shanghai and discovered rap when his dad brought a Brother Lynch and Ice Cube CD home from the music market along with some Mozart. But instead of just aping the 90s hip hop sound like some producers here, Ceezy goes back as far as the 1940s, drawing influences from jazz, soul, and funk to craft his beats, which can sound like magic carpet rides to mini worlds in a Squaresoft RPG.

He’s also the object of obsession for more than a few Chinese girls, who think he’s the most handsome thing ever, like something straight out of a manga/Japanese comic book. But they rarely see him in real life because he’s a total 宅男 (zhai nan), or “stay at home boy.” You may have seen this “宅” zhai character on on flyers, usually in the form of a ghost saying “不要宅!” meaning “don’t stay at home.” I’ve definitely realized that not all the local Chinese kids who love music go out, and not all the locals who go out love music.

There’s actually two kinds of zhai, 普通宅 (Pǔtōng zhái – stay at home and play Angry Birds or sleep all day and night) and 技术宅 (Jìshù zhái – stay at home and be productive). Ceezy definitely falls into the later category, as he’s always making beats on an old PC or doing sound design for those time-killing smartphone games that the 普通宅 love. He’s been quoted as saying he dislikes the outside world and he really just wants to make music in his own world. Luckily we’ve convinced him to visit our world and DJ this Friday night at 390 Bar.


So get down to 390 early to catch a set of soul, jazz, hip hop, and original beats by Ceezy from 9:30 – 12, then a B2B set by DJ Caution and myself until about 4:00AM. We’ll be playing straight up dance music ranging from disco to house to baltimore club. It’s RMB30 with one shot and free before 11PM if you RSVP to




Water No Get Enemy – Pool Party Recap


Feel like this 104 degree heat makes people a bit crazy. Seen a few fights go down on Friday night outside Dada and Lola, and another almost happen in Xinwang, the late-night Cantoneese spot on Changle Lu. It’s like Street Fighter cause it’s going down between all nationalities, but mostly China, Nigeria, and America.

We had like every nationality at our pool party yesterday too, but no problems except for a couple gully peeps jumping off the waterfall. Looks fun, but probably not a good idea to jump from a ten-foot ledge into five-foot deep water. One dude ignored repeated warnings from our Shanghainese lifeguard uncle and then got smacked hard, WWF style, with a “no diving” sign. You probably know the Super Ayi Cleaning Team, but maybe you don’t know about the Lifeguard Uncle Smackdown Squad.

Anyway, just wanna say thank you to everyone who came out and all who helped make it happen: my right-hand man DJ Caution for holding the music down for three hours when the mixer was too hot to even touch, Dace from Money Shots for snapping all the photos, my girl C for keeping me sane, our guest DJs Choyce Kutz and Mau Mau (will upload their sets soon), Panda Express for hooking up the free Gold Cider with entrance, the homie Luce for the promo help, Shawn and the Shanghai Fun crew for bringing peeps down, all the pool staff, and my man Patrick Mai and his crew for hooking up the soundsystem – if you want it to sound good, you better call Pat,

Oh, here’s why we named the party “Water No Get Enemy.” This tune by Nigeria’s legendary Fela Kuti came out back in 1975 and remains just as solid nearly forty years later. A perfect summer tune, and one of the few songs over ten minutes I can listen to on repeat and never get bored.

Fela Kuti – Water No Get Enemy

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And here’s what we’re cooking up:

Friday, August 16th – Love Bang #30 with Ceezy @ 390 Bar

Saturday, August 17th – Split Works presents J. Rocc

Saturday, August 24th – Love Bang Pool Party #4

Got a couple new tapes dropping this week too…

the uncle and his free range chickens.

happy monday to all. great weekend that started with Das EFX and a full band trying to come through Mao Live’s soundsystem (sound was fucking AWFUL..i just kept thinking “THIS is cacophony”)..really though I can’t imagine trying to manage eleven live instruments, two soul mamas on the mic, two extremely fucked-up rappers, and a DJ. that’s a fucking task. but still, i couldn’t understand a single lyric, and i’m a native English-speaker..

also, warm-up act Back To The Golden Age has now claimed the highest spot on my “acts in Shanghai that claim to be hip hop but are actually the anthesis of hip hop.” jesus christ you are so bad. you would think that with thirty people in your crew (including a few that looked like 8th graders), some of them would maybe like, not suck. but no.

also, in general, shouting “we represent the real hip hop!” 100+ time does not actually = representing the real hip hop.

still though i give this show points for being extremely entertaining and Das EFX not holding anything back or censoring themselves. also because Ceezy and MC One Con killed it with their early set. too bad they didn’t rock after..

if you were @ Shelter before 10PM on Saturday, you know some magic happened. a one-hour, all-Burial set by Kode9 on a well-tuned soundsystem. bass in the chest.

came back to Shelter at 2AM to catch the last 1/3 of Kode9’s set…juke music and jungle mixed impeccably. seriously the classiest mixing i’ve ever seen, on three CDJs no less. I was a bit nervous to play afterwards but i’m happy with the set, which was mostly rap (three 6/drake/etc) then booty music mixed with techno.

went to get my bike back from Lune yesterday afternoon and ran into this crazy uncle slanging chickens on the street. he wanted 17RMB for half a key, but i was like fuck that’s expensive and he got really mad. crazy uncle did not want me to take these pictures. love the juxtaposition of hypermodern architecture with scenes like this.

really feeling this new James Blake EP on R&S.

James Blake – Love What Happened Here

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#pat riley

busy week. dungeons and dragons tonight..

tuesday = FIST OF THE NORTH STAR @ Dada (seriously one of the most violent feature-length animes ever…exploding heads galore). 9PM with the Sub-culture fam.

wednesday @ mao livehouse w/French Horn Rebellion and Rainbow Danger Club

French Horn Rebellion – Beaches and Friends [edit: fuck these dudes]

friday @ mao livehouse w/MC One Consciousness, Ceezy, and Das EFX

saturday @ Lune for Pop Party then Shelter w/Kode9 (!!!!!!!)

will post some tracks soon, but you need to cop that new Juicy J mixtape “Blue Dream & Lean.” Shit is epic.

fun with foods/what are the ten treasures???

ate some soup last night cause i’m sick. i couldn’t afford the double boiled deer penis with ten treasures but was assured that it would “enhance masculinity,” i.e. it’s “good for man.” But honestly I ate some “good for man” soup one time (cow balls…) and I had sex like four times that night so I don’t necessarily doubt this.

some Friday tunes for you.

Das EFX – The Real Hip Hop (Pete Rock Remix)

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Sepalcure – Breezin (this track gets so good like four minutes in)

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Das EFX are coming to Shanghai next Friday (Mao Livehouse), supported by an 11-piece orchestra (!!) led by Theo Croker and my good friends MC One Consciousness and Ceezy. More info here.

what’s good this weekend.

Lots going on in Shanghai this weekend.  Really wish people would stop calling it “Shangers.” Not chill.

Starting with Friday…

the homies and Otakrew fam Cavia and Ceezy + Shige and some cats from Japan playing hip hop at the new livehouse in north Jing An – Shanhai. dudes all play great hip hop and party jams. real DJs, super fun vibe. starts earlier too, like 10PM. excited to peep the new spot and soundsystem… ill-as-fuck flyer by Cherri, who does all our design for Otakrew too.

If you haven’t yet, peep Ceezy’s classic mixtape in the archives.

And on the late nite tip (like 1:00AM) Shelter for Desto, dubstep producer from Finland. Dude is playing live on an MPC, Korg R3 and 606 (!!!) Courtesy of Sub-Culture, always coming correct. More on that here. Flyer by the only VJ I really enjoy, Olivepixel.

Saturday i’m hosting a Pioneer scratch battle all day then rolling to Atanu, the lighthouse on the Bund for this year’s last Ice Cream Truck rooftop party. Spinning with the homegirl Siesta plus The Uhhh, Mau Mau, and Trix. Baijiu Robot B2B set Mau Mau vs. Heatwolves may go down.

This will be huge, and goes till 2AM. If for some reason you don’t dance or like social situations, it’s worth it for toursts on the bund reacting to the sheer amounts of bass and the surreal scene happening atop a hundred-year old building, with mile-high neon skyscrapers in the background. Gonna rap a bit and probably drop some new originals. Probably some 2 Live Crew too.

and I’m told of another late-nite party going late Saturday night at Rico Rico, the beach by the Cool Docks…. [edit, i fucked up and party is NOT actually on the beach but instead at Rico Rico in the Cool Docks. they’re doing three drinks for RMB100 and I’ll play Baile Funk when I arrive around 2AM].

DJing a brunch on Sunday afternoon in Jing if you like eggs benedict and 90s R&B on the patio or rooftop of a boutique hotel, you should come. Likely getting there about 1PM. Then off to JZ fest (a park-ish place by a lake somewhere near the expo site?) in the early evening to see Cavia + Ice Nine and the man Roy Ayres. The fam at Shanghai 24/7 did a couple podcasts about the festival, so download those before your commute.

Heard sunshine be comin too…

New Ceezy Mixtape! Playing this Saturday at Dada…

Doing a party at Dada this Saturday with fellow Otakrew member Ceezy. He’s one of the busiest producers in Shanghai, with an output eclipsed by only The Acid Pony club, but they don’t sleep.

Like in his previous mixtape, the 22 year-old Shanghainese-native takes you on a journey, this time through soul, funk, and hip hop. Just in time for summer’s sunset. It’s short, but the track selection is fire, with a great Ceezy tune at the end.

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Ceezy – Hungry Ghost Mixtape Series #1 (download)


01. One Night Affair – Jerry Butler
02. Winners Together Or Losers Apart – George & Gwen Mccrae
03. Wax and Vane – Dorothy Ashby
04. Substream – Kyoto Jazz Massive
05. Date With The Rain – Frankie Gee
06. I’m a Good Woman – Barbara Lynn
07. 100 Days, 100 Nights – Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
08. Mad About The Boy – Dinah Washington
09. This Thing – D’Nell
10. Just Do It (feat. Awon & Tif The Gift) – SoulChef
11. Desperado – Beat Demons
12. Do Not Break Your Promise – Ceezy

For dozens of original tracks, check out his site.

We’re also playing together in Beijing on Sept 17th, along with DJ Cavia and LOTS of other big artists at the Black Rabbit Music Festival. Stay tuned for more info on that.

(glass awareness)/thoughts on love bang #8

big, big thanks + mad love to everyone who came out to Dada on Saturday for Love Bang #8.  also want to thank Mache from Layabozi, Tom and Greig from Shanghai 24/7, the homies at uDance, Michael and the staff at Dada, all the breakers, peeps from social interwebs, and of course, Caution, hBd, and Chuck D.

that party felt like a giant house party. Caution and hBd reminded everyone what a real DJ is, which is not some der playing boring house music with their head down.

With a few exceptions, DJs in Shanghai seriously need to step their game up. I’m included in peeps who need to step up said game.

a lot of people move to Shanghai, get caught up in the electro/house scene, and forget about hip hop, rock, and the other genres they grew up with. we’re trying to remind people about that music, and why it’s so good (e.g. you can actually dance with someone instead of spazing around them, girls like it…)

even when the police came around 2:45AM (too many peeps. too hype) and the music basically went off for thirty minutes, almost everyone stayed and talked until the beats returned…

we’re doing it again on August 20th, with Ceezy and another special guest. Plus, Love Bang meets Sub Culture at The Shelter on Saturday August 6th.

so thanks again, cause everyone who came out knows that was something special.

proper space disco refix of a classic Stevie Wonder track from 1966. poor boy meets rich girl story.

DJ Raw Sugar – Uptight (Space Disco Refix)

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and if you haven’t peeps it yet, the interview I did with DJ Caution on Shanghai 24/7 is classic.