Love Bang Mixtape 04 – Ceezy


So we tried to post this to Soundcloud, but the cloud fluffed back due to copyright restrictions. Pretty unfortunate considering how fresh this is. Free download right here, tracklist coming soon.

这里有上海大技术宅男CEEZY最新的MIX! 您可以免费下载点下面. 本来放在SOUNDCLOUD但他们不让因为侵犯版权…


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This is actually the fourth mixtape he’s done for us. They’re all great – peep this one from last year.

And then check dozens of his original productions over on his Douban. Here’s a more recent beat of his I really dig, which appeared on my tape for Uptown Records. Definitely more of a Brainfeeder sound a la Samiyam on this one.

Ceezy – SSP

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Ceezy grew up in Shanghai and discovered rap when his dad brought a Brother Lynch and Ice Cube CD home from the music market along with some Mozart. But instead of just aping the 90s hip hop sound like some producers here, Ceezy goes back as far as the 1940s, drawing influences from jazz, soul, and funk to craft his beats, which can sound like magic carpet rides to mini worlds in a Squaresoft RPG.

He’s also the object of obsession for more than a few Chinese girls, who think he’s the most handsome thing ever, like something straight out of a manga/Japanese comic book. But they rarely see him in real life because he’s a total 宅男 (zhai nan), or “stay at home boy.” You may have seen this “宅” zhai character on on flyers, usually in the form of a ghost saying “不要宅!” meaning “don’t stay at home.” I’ve definitely realized that not all the local Chinese kids who love music go out, and not all the locals who go out love music.

There’s actually two kinds of zhai, 普通宅 (Pǔtōng zhái – stay at home and play Angry Birds or sleep all day and night) and 技术宅 (Jìshù zhái – stay at home and be productive). Ceezy definitely falls into the later category, as he’s always making beats on an old PC or doing sound design for those time-killing smartphone games that the 普通宅 love. He’s been quoted as saying he dislikes the outside world and he really just wants to make music in his own world. Luckily we’ve convinced him to visit our world and DJ this Friday night at 390 Bar.


So get down to 390 early to catch a set of soul, jazz, hip hop, and original beats by Ceezy from 9:30 – 12, then a B2B set by DJ Caution and myself until about 4:00AM. We’ll be playing straight up dance music ranging from disco to house to baltimore club. It’s RMB30 with one shot and free before 11PM if you RSVP to





so much going on this weekend…if you’re in Shanghai on Friday, you need to be at Mao Livehouse. The homegrls Cha Cha, part of the Subculture/Uprooted fam, and Cookie, manager of OTAKREW, put together a series of shows showcasing the best Chinese hip hop acts from all around the country. This is the final episode in the three part series – The Big Show.

I went to the first show a few Fridays ago at The Shelter, and honestly I haven’t had a night like that at Shelter in probably two years. Just huge vibes and great music (H20 on some crazy beatbox looping and live Korg action…hBd back-to-back with LJ….Cavia with the late night rock set that had people taking their clothes off…)

This Friday sees The Connection at a much bigger venue – Mao Livehouse. They need it, because one of the hip hop producers from Guangzhou is bringing his 12-piece band (!!!) Lots of other MCs, DJs, and producers, all Chinese, plus the homie Ceezy on the decks. They got cats from both the north and the south – really different places, perhaps even more so than east coast vs. west coast in the states.

I don’t recommend other people’s events much on this site. With that said, DO NOT SLEEP on this one. Tickets are RMB80 pre-sale or RMB100 at the door (remember, they’re bringing artists from all over China for this…it’s a good deal).

So don’t be on some lame bullshit and go to M2 or M1NT to listen to “I Got a Feeling,” because The Big Show is the state of hip hop in China, 2011, and it’s really good. Holla at’cha boy I will be there for sure.