gothic picnic

Ok let’s keep this really short and simple, but before we get into anything coming up, peep this insane live recording from the VOID six-year anniversary at The Shelter last Saturday. Sadly I didn’t make it but apparently this was one of the biggest Shelter nights in a long, long time. Alright here you go, an hour of raw old-school techno by Shanghai Ultra. No EDM in here mate.

Love live recordings from sweatbox clubs. Moving into the future, here’s what’s good this weekend.


HIP HOP – You already know, Hip Hop Hijack at The Geisha is the spot to be on Fridays for all that Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Tyga, etc. Plus they’re joined by my right-hand man DJ Caution this month. The Geisha probably hates me but I love this night. Not mad.

ELECTRONIC – Yrs truly playing at Lune with special guest DJ from Spain Lupen Crokan. When I hear the name Lupen I can’t help but think of Lupin III, the infamous manga/anime thief. Kinda wish that Lupin III was DJing at Lune, but we still get this dude from Barcelona. Peep the recording from his set at Dada Beijing last weekend. It’s free entry all night at 218 Xinle Lu, right by 88.

WTF – Really curious about this “secret rave,” its borderline racist flyer, and not-secret-at-all location in Xuhui. But hey, I’m all for outdoor events so whatever. “Rave” and “secret” are the newest entries to the Shanghai doublespeak dictionary.


POOL PARTY – Yep, Love Bang Pool Party #3 with Baijiu Robot, AKA Mau Mau x yrs truly, Choyce Kutz, and DJ Caution. Weather forecast says 104 degrees! Don’t worry we’ve got an indoor area with AC too if you need to chill for a bit. Remember it’s only 80RMB before noon.

TICT JAM – Another secret party! God damn. This one starts at 3PM and it’s somewhere secret. Address released at 10PM tonight. These dudes always pull off high quality events, and i’m gonna try to stop by this one at some point.

THE HOMIE SAL GETTING MARRIED – Hey you probably know Sal, aka DJ Skinny Brown from Popasuda. He’s one of my good friends in Shanghai and he’s getting married tmmr night. If you know dude, give him a call and see what’s up with the wedding or just give him some congratulations. I’ve never seen a mixed Indian/Chinese kid but with this couple it’s bound to be beautiful.

STORYTELLING – Alright I don’t know much about this but I support storytelling and 390 Bar. Plus I like the name Mama Gushi. Sounds like a good start to a Saturday night. Here’s what the organizer said on Reddit: “Join us for another evening of hilarious, inspiring and true stories as our storytellers share their intimate life experiences with our audience! Our all-star line up of the best raconteurs in Shanghai is coming together to share their stories of intoxication.” Starts at 8PM sharp at 390 Panyu Lu with 2-for-1 drinks.

HOUSE MUSIC – Ok you’ve got two great choices, both on Xingfu Lu. One is a night by my old friend Mau Mau’s new crew Yo! Banfa over at Dada, and then right down the street we’ve got the UK squad Push And Pull at Logo. Expect bass house a la Dirtybird Records at Dada and more UK Gar-age and Jackin’ down at Logo.

SOME OTHER SHIT – This Gothic Shanghai Victorian Night Picnic sounds amazing. I may just leave the pool party to go peep this down the street in Xujiahui Park.


HIP HOP – Ok it’s not exactly hip hop but pretty close. Nosaj Thing at Arkham – fucking great booking. I saw dude play at Logo like four years ago before he really blew up, and it’s still one of the best electronic shows I’ve ever seen. Classic tune right here.

And this one he produced for Chance The Rapper

Alright that’s all. Maybe Sunday you can check out Monsters University if it’s made its way through the two month censorship process yet. See you in the pool.

Sunday on Soundcloud: Ronghua Mix by Alta


Were you at Dada for Electric East on Friday night? Every time I wanted to leave  for much needed sleep, someone handed me a drink or Q-Kraft dropped a stay-a-while tune. My good friend Chris aka DJ Alta was on at peak-time playing grime. I don’t know anyone else in Shanghai who plays grime, that stripped-back, aggressive, neon computer chip sound from the UK that gained mainstream popularity with Dizzie Rascal and the like in the early 2000s. The sounds of slamming mid-range basslines video game samples. It’s admittedly both jarring and loveable. Basically what came after gar-age and before dubstep.

Alta from Push and Pull cooked up the “融化 Mix,” a nice intro to some newer grime tunes and the sound he’s trying to push. Really nice one. He also does the all-vinyl night at Logo every month on the third Thursday, along  Nate, Arthur Fox aka Pip, myself, and rotating guests.

1. Sir Pixalot – Brazil
2. DJ Cable – Cartridge (Instrumental)
3. TC4 – Alpha
4. Crazy Cousinz – Funky Anthem (Murlo Remix)
5. Matt Shadetek – Battery Charge
6. Sir Pixalot – Untitled
7. Davinche – Jenny Remix
8. Rossi B & Luca – Nobody Knows
9. Murlo – Prism (Samename Remix)
10. P Jam – Intel
11. DJ Eastwood – U Ain’t Ready (Spooky Remix)
12. Sir Pixalot – Raiden Riddim
13. Bloom – Juniper
14. Prettybwoy – Kissin U
15. P Jam – Nightwriter 1

Love Bang Universe Mix 03 – William J


Huge thank you to everyone who came out to our pool party yesterday. Best vibe ever. We’ll be back this Saturday, August 3rd with DJ Choyce Kutz, Raph from Acid Pony Club, Sal from Popasuda, DJ Caution, and myself. I guess you heard the spot’s on Wending Lu near Hongqiao Lu, a few minutes walk from the Xujiahui metro station. To hold you over until then we’ve got a brand new mix from William J.

We’re gonna keep dropping heat every week in this summer of record-setting temperatures, fans and ACs, lakes in the north pole, and salmon sunsets over the pool. This week we’ve got a tape by a cat from Singapore who wrecked three shows in Shanghai last weekend –  Dada for my birthday party, Saturday at Shelter for the SVBKLT x Darker Than Wax party, and the first Love Bang Pool Party yesterday.

I asked William J a few questions via email today after he got back to Singapore. Here’s what he had to say about 72 hours in Shanghai.

Heatwolves: You were just in Shanghai for three days and played three shows at Dada, The Shelter, and a Sunday pool party – how was it?

William J:  My time in Shanghai rushed and hectic, but was an amazing time overall. I’ve never had the privilege to travel overseas to play music, and this was a great introduction to that kind of experience. I feel like the diversity of the venues I played at allowed me to properly showcase my full range of tastes, and had some of the most fun sets in a long time.

Heatwolves: How does the scene in Shanghai compared to what’s going on down in Singapore?

William J: The scene in Singapore is great and there are tons of really talented DJs here, but at the moment there is a real lack of small or mid-sized proper ‘underground’ venues. People definitely know how to party in Singapore, but at times I feel there are too many people in the crowd observing the music rather than interacting with it.

The venues I played in Shanghai were gritty, grimy, and hectic – a really nice change to the slickness of venues in Singapore. Dada felt like a really great house party, and the crowd was really receptive to everything I played, even the weirder grime and garage bits. The Shelter was a next-level experience for me, intimate yet anonymous at the same time, and really reminded me about why I got into music in the first place.

Heatwolves: What was the best thing that happened to you in your 72 hours here?

William J: Leaving The Shelter in a daze at 6 AM and being blinded by the daylight. Surreal.
Heatwolves: What’s the story with this mixtape?
William J: This mixtape was just a one take jam that I think represents the range of sounds that I play. It includes a few bits from some Darker Than Wax artists, as well as a few classics.

Heatwolves: What’s next for you and your label, Darker Than Wax?

William J: My only plans are to keep DJing as much as I can, improve my production skills and output, and continue to help grow Darker Than Wax. My tune ‘Handzup’ will be coming out on a limited run, vinyl only white label series out of Boston called Juxtapose, I believe that is coming out in the next month or two. The next Darker Than Wax release will be out very soon (30 July), an EP featuring beats from french producers Fantastikclick & Sport G who also run the fantastic label Cascade Records. You can grab it at http://darkerthanwax.bandcamp.com

Shouts to everyone in Shanghai for such a great time, I will be back as soon as I can.

_ _ _ _ _

Now onto the mix…


This one’s a voyage through the seas of club music – Ghetto House, new rap from Chicago, dancehall, beats, and even The Trammps! This one floats all over the place – just how we like it. Thirty selections in fifty minutes, all mixed live on two CDJs.


1. King Louie – Val Venis (JD. Reid Remix)
2. Freddie GIbbz – Neighborhood Hoez (Wayvee $trip Polez Edit)
3. ESTA – SheNeedsMe(InMoreWaysThen1)
4. Ikonika – Beach Mode (Dub)
5. The Trammps – The Night The Lights Went Out
6. Jean Nipon / Koyote – R.M.S. (To Steve)
7. Jesse Perez – Interracial Booty Calls (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
8. C.Z. – WHY DIS
9. GoldFFinch – For The F*
10. Large Joints – Down On You (Hands Up Mix)
11. Killjoy – Inaudible Badness
12. Groove Connektion 2 – Club Lonely (Dem 2 Lonely Vocal Mix)
13. Preditah – Groupies (2013)
14. Alicia Myers – I Want To Thank You (Re-edit)
15. MORRI$ – White Hood (BB Dub)
16. DJ Skip – Bang That
17. K Shiz – Blood remix
18. DJ Marfox – Rádio Oxigénio AM
19. Hypha – SoundbwoyKilla
20. Daddy Mory – Dancehall Time (The Clerk rmx)
21. Mr. Vegas – Certain Law
22. Stylo G – Press Up (Poirier Dengue Riddim Remix)
23. Leftside ft. Shaggy – Jump Up Around (Euro Mix)
24. DJ Tre – No Mo Playin (Original Mix)
25. Cali Swag District – Teach Me How To Dougie (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
26. DJ Spinn – Exhibit G
27. Lil Jabba – Red Current
28. DJ Taye – Yo Bitch Out Here
29. DJ Acey ft. Stylez – I’m Dead(Just Believe)
30. FloydCheung – Document 4

William J is on the Darker Than Wax label, headed by some really cool peeps I had a chance to meet this weekend. Shout out to Dean, Floyd Cheng, and of course Gaz AKA Drunk Monk for bringing them out to Shanghai! Check out the label over at their Soundcloud. They’re always giving away gems.



Feeling calm now with Astrill back? What’s really c’estbon in Shanghai fam??

I’m posted up in one of Shanghai’s criminally underrated cafes, Family Mart, with “Like a G6” and the Fam Mart welcome ring on blast. Just took bus #76 to Jing An, aka France part deux, and found a cafe with owl-themed deserts but no wi-fi so return to Family Mart (Fam Mart). Can’t pay have-wifi prices for places without wifi now.

Fam Mart really stepped up their food game last month with yuppie inspired items like paninis, chicken bacon wraps, and potato salad. The wraps are steady winnin’ for 8RMB plus their jiaozi and noodles pwn the competition. Some Fam Marts have fat bags of treats (gummy bears or sour peaches) for 8RMB plus decent cookies. Rounded out by an ice cream selection with that red-bean fish, chairs by the window, and cheap americano, I rate Fam Mart. I once made my own milkshake here with that ice cream that looks like Vienetta (remember that Persian Cat commercial??) and some lion ice creams in the “MP3” blender. High staff morale here; team players.

Alright so if you’re not hanging out in Family Mart this weekend, here’s what’s good.


1. Lovebanguniverse.com Launch Party @ Dada Bar. DJ Caution and myself, along with MC One Con all nite at the 老地方 on Xingfu Lu. Just gonna hook up two Serato boxes and play back to back on two Technics all night. Got a lot of new rap and club music plus  old techno/acid I wanna play and you know DJ Caution always comes correct #shanghaimostunderrated. Will be pumpin’ for sure, and it’s free entry.

2. Simian Mobile Disco @ Arkham. Really solid booking for Shanghai. I saw these guys play at BonBon* back in 2008 and the killed it. Think this is just a DJ set but should be good, albeit slightly expensive – RMB220 at the door. They just did a track with our friends Bicep that’s getting lots of love over on the Soundclouds:


*Bonbon, a OG RMB100 all-you-can-drink club open on Huaihai Lu/Changshu Lu until early 2010, I think. Absolute madness. Broken glass everywhere, like that song; and absolutely treacherous stairs leading up to the door. Saw many, many falls there, and legitimately saw someone dead or at least with a broken neck at one point. Once a woman there offered to drive drunk and take me back to Hangzhou. But Bonbon had better music than any of today’s all-you-can-drink spots like Pheobe (no love…) and Ruby’s (dear god..). I believe the legendary Trix was a resident at one point.

3. Snapline at 390: Pretty famous post-punk/new wave Chinese rock band from Beijing, plus my friend Hei Mu from Xi’an and Duck Fight Goose, who are sometimes really good but did get booed off the stage when they opened for Slash due to unfortunate lineup selection. Really solid local rock show for sure. RMB50 Cover.

4. Hip Hop Hijack @ The Geisha – Always a solid choice for strictly hip hop, r&b, dancehall, urban. Also saw that dude DJ Mick kill it last Friday with a trap set. Tonight they’ve flown in a guest from Europe so it’s RMB100 at the door.

(sound cloud link to track with bicep).

And I believe Shanghai Pride week starts today? Shout out to Pride – the 10% making a lot of progress but still not enough. People in America still tripping over gay marriage when the US Gov spies on them and kills children abroad with drones.

Or you could just go to an exclusive party on the bund and act like a Saudi Prince in Thailand #itslavishbitch.


1. College @ Shanghai Rose. You know that movie Drive and the dope italo-disco soundtrack? The dude who made a lot of that music, College, is playing live at Shanghai Rose with visuals by the homie Chromaphase, who I wrote about here. Peep this reel of his latest adventures in 3D-mapping. I saw College last year at Yuyintang and can vouch for it. I’ve never been to Shanghai Rose, heard the [old] building is cool. Looking forward to this. Peep Chromaphase’s new mapping right here. It’s 80RMB at the door or RMB50 presale at 247 Tickets.

2. Reddit Meetup at Masse – Had a good time at the last Reddit meetup, met lots of cool cats. Looking forward to meeting my old-school grammar fam who took the time to read this site and hate on my writing styles/conrank’s mixtape/etc. I’ve long said there’s not enough criticism in this town. Thinking we can talk postmodern lit/critical theory via social networking/etc at the meet up.  Big up grammar fam. #upvotegrammarfam #notmadatgrammarfam.

3. Rock Show at Yuyintang (Kaixuan Lu Yanan Lu, northwest corner) – Another rock for charity show, this time with both laowai and local bands, and proceeds go to Mongolian Orphans (show is put on by DJ BO, who did Peace Corps in Mongolia for a few years). The bands = Friend or Foe, Feima, Airwalker, Arm the Faithless, and Hello Money. RMB50 cover, RMB30 for students.

4. Stockholm Syndrome @ The Shelter (#5 Yongfu Lu) – Darkwave, industrial, techno and just all around cool music by Tzu Sing. If you like your dance music dark and 黑暗, this is the party for you. Kim Laughton on visuals and lasers plus the charming Velvet Robot on DJ support

5. Daytime – Volunteer at a homeless shelter with BEAN @…a homeless shelter. Hey you’ll feel better about all yer Shanghai sinnin’ if you go play checkers with a homeless uncle. He might even drop some life knowledge on you. It might be like that Storm Queen song. You can volunteer by sending an email to beanshanghai@gmail.com


1. Sunday Live Rock show at 696 Live House (Live Bar): a bit of a trek but worth it to see some bands for free on a Sunday afternoon. I’m a big fan of Sunday shows, #underratedinshanghai. Lineup is Feima, Marquee 7, and _________. _______ is a secret.

2. Loads of ShanghaiPRIDE events going on. Check their website http://www.shpride.com to find out about film screenings, runs, and other events.

3. Don’t forget, it’s fathers day!

Alright that’s it. See you in Family Mart.

and don’t be burnin in the club! fuzz be out naimean.



As promised, here’s that Conrank exclusive mix for Love Bang Universe. Dude totally exceeded my expectations on this one…Goth Trad x Waka Flocka Flame? Yes. Recorded hungover on a high-speed train from Shanghai to Beijing.

If you don’t already know, Conrank real badman. Man crushes music festivals around the globe and releases bass music on labels like Robox Neotech, Suicide Dub, Top Billin, Y4K, and his own Rankadank Records. Peep his productions in this exclusive mix.


1. Stagga – Grimboh
2. Conrank – Untitled
3. Conrank – Pitchin
4. Doshy ft. Conrank – Q
5. Dev79 – Won’t Turn Down
6. Marvell – London To Atlanta
7. Faze Miyake – Boom
8. Marger – Whats This ft. Foreign Beggars
9. Conrank – Flipping Eggs VIP
10. Firecamp – Shut Up
11. Waka Flocka Flame – Gold & Platinum
12. Goth Trad – Itinerant Priest
13. Brillz – Buck Wild
14. Conrank – Boy Tell Em




ok no more dog photos, for now. moving on to ducks.

peep this poster, inspired by Hong Kong’s giant floating duck, now sadly deflated. i won’t appear at this Love Bang because I’m headed to Beijing with Sal for Popasuda on the same night! See you at Dada Beijing on Friday.


Alright onto the music. Today we’ve got an absolutely DOPE mix of rare Asian disco. no idea what any of these tracks are. some in Mandarin, Japanese, Fujianhua, Thai, and unknown languages from the Pacific Rim. pretty sure Daft Punk just ripped off some rare Thai disco when they wrote “Get Lucky.”

and if you’re looking for something a bit more 现代, peep this mix from Kingdom, ahead of his “Vertical XL” EP release. dude mixes with Rihanna with underwater bass sludge and even throws in that guilty pleasure of a Top 40 song about eating p – “Kisses Down Low” by Kelly Rowland. this is how I want pop music to sound.

enjoy the sunday. man done turnt up the gale force wind machine ya heard.

Also, EXCLUSIVE mix from DJ Conrank coming tmmr.



Remember when DJ Sal the global mystic, AKA Skinny Brown, dropped that guest column about pop music in China a few weeks ago? He’s got his monthly party Popasuda this Saturday at Dada Shanghai and at Dada Beijing on May 31s, both with yrs truly, so I asked him to share a bit of the night’s vibe. Here’s five tunes from the man who speaks at least five languages
– 热狼
Some dope dancehall Bass Remix 
Popasuda is literally the Brazilian Portuguese word for “phat booty,” so a bit of hard bass driven digital dancehall is certainly in order. Don’t expect the clichés, we’ll definitely try to keep it classy with some cool remixes much like this one, as well as some trappier-bassy shit that you can wind something proper to. After all we don’t want girls to rock up in a pair of short shorts for nothing. Let it drop…trust me!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Toca Pra Mim (Deize Tigrona-Brazil):

This track’s from one of my favorite Brazilian Baile MC’s Dieze Tigrona. It exudes the Popasuda motif, with a driving Brazilian percussion line that bangs hard alongside a rugged female Portuguese vocal, exclaiming with attitude the need to fucking Get Down! Pretty raw, nothing fancy – just a bad-ass piece of Brazil.

Jesse Rose – Toca Pra Mim

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Some Indian Flavor: (Daniel Haaksman Remix of Todha Rashem Lagan. Germany-India) 

There’s nothing I love more than a well-sampled Indian Vocal. This track right here’s set on a nice BPM, it’s got that international vibe that I’m trying to increase in Popasuda, and it’s cut from one of my favorite (and probably the most famous) Indian classical singers Lata Mangeshkar. Hopefully you won’t be hearing too many English vocals from the Popasuda sets, unless it’s really worth it. I’m really trying to keep shit as foreign and diverse as possible.

Latah Mangeshkar – Todha Rashem Lagan Hai (Daniel Haaksman Remix)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Old School Acid Gems:

This is one of my favorite acid-trance tunes from way back in 1995. It was one of my first records, given to me by a fellow DJ back when I was in high school. While making me feel old as shit, it’s undeniably one of the dopest classic acid tunes reminiscent of that early Daft Punk sound that was just beginning to emerge back in the mid-nineties. It actually predates Homework, but certainly draws along the same line. Wicked 303 line about halfway in (1:53). I’m so happy that acid is making a mild resurgence, so I can finally have a chance to play this oldschool shit now that I’m a “seasoned DJ”. There definitely won’t be a full acid set (or a full set of anything for that matter), but when you least expect it, 303 lines will be tweaked.

Snitzer vs. Humate – Oh My Darling I Love You (Heavy Mix Cut)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

You Go Kill Me (Sarkodie and EL-Ghana)

If you haven’t already seen some Youtube footage of Asonto from West Africa, it’s a weird little dance on it’s way to being a flavor of the month. For all those cats out there who are all “whaaaat, that’s shit’s last year”, stop frontin it’s not like you were in the back allies of Lagos railing lines and getting low… dick!  Either way, though it’s most likely a passing fad, the movement did produce a few very dope, grimy, ass-to-the-floor dance tunes, like this one.

Sarkodie and EL-Ghana – You Go Kill Me

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I’m really trying to take the night in an international direction. There will be no hour of straight anything, it’ll be easy on the English vocals, we’ll be fucking with BPM with very selecta style drops and quick transitions. Rewinds, horns, a fucking amazing MC from Ghana (The Mighty Junior Revelation), and shit ton of different languages. Expect reggae, dancehall edits and bassy shit, vocal inspired Trap shit in Spanish to Jamaican or Swahili, Crazy digital Soca, a little bit of cool old-school Acid, perhaps a few underground reggaeton bangers from our favorite rapper Tego Calderon, some moobah inspired African stuff, Crazilian Shit (see what I did there), Indian vocal shit salt & peppered in, and just generally dirty vibes built for some community-center dancehall in some third-world country with rhythm.

Words by DJ Sal aka Skinny Brown



heatwolves.com five-year anniversary



Peep the flyer drawn by Heatwolves and Gucci Jr., featuring Haibo, President Obama, WeChat, iPhone ubiquity, and Sina Weibo – all 东西 that came after this site started back in Spring 2008.

This site was a originally a separate universe, filled with cultural voyeurism and music. It later gave birth to the Love Bang Universe, which than swallowed and encompassed this website.

But it’s still here – a solid-state archive containing five years of memory fragments from a life overseas.

This is the Five-Year Anniversary party for the site, with myself and Lanzhou Noodle Princess DJing all night. No work on Monday in China.

本周日,晚上9:00 – 晚 @ 幸福路115号 – 周一国家要放假

also, new mixtape coming soon.