(glass awareness)/thoughts on love bang #8

big, big thanks + mad love to everyone who came out to Dada on Saturday for Love Bang #8.  also want to thank Mache from Layabozi, Tom and Greig from Shanghai 24/7, the homies at uDance, Michael and the staff at Dada, all the breakers, peeps from social interwebs, and of course, Caution, hBd, and Chuck D.

that party felt like a giant house party. Caution and hBd reminded everyone what a real DJ is, which is not some der playing boring house music with their head down.

With a few exceptions, DJs in Shanghai seriously need to step their game up. I’m included in peeps who need to step up said game.

a lot of people move to Shanghai, get caught up in the electro/house scene, and forget about hip hop, rock, and the other genres they grew up with. we’re trying to remind people about that music, and why it’s so good (e.g. you can actually dance with someone instead of spazing around them, girls like it…)

even when the police came around 2:45AM (too many peeps. too hype) and the music basically went off for thirty minutes, almost everyone stayed and talked until the beats returned…

we’re doing it again on August 20th, with Ceezy and another special guest. Plus, Love Bang meets Sub Culture at The Shelter on Saturday August 6th.

so thanks again, cause everyone who came out knows that was something special.

proper space disco refix of a classic Stevie Wonder track from 1966. poor boy meets rich girl story.

DJ Raw Sugar – Uptight (Space Disco Refix)

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and if you haven’t peeps it yet, the interview I did with DJ Caution on Shanghai 24/7 is classic.