what’s good this weekend.

Lots going on in Shanghai this weekend.  Really wish people would stop calling it “Shangers.” Not chill.

Starting with Friday…

the homies and Otakrew fam Cavia and Ceezy + Shige and some cats from Japan playing hip hop at the new livehouse in north Jing An – Shanhai. dudes all play great hip hop and party jams. real DJs, super fun vibe. starts earlier too, like 10PM. excited to peep the new spot and soundsystem… ill-as-fuck flyer by Cherri, who does all our design for Otakrew too.

If you haven’t yet, peep Ceezy’s classic mixtape in the archives.

And on the late nite tip (like 1:00AM) Shelter for Desto, dubstep producer from Finland. Dude is playing live on an MPC, Korg R3 and 606 (!!!) Courtesy of Sub-Culture, always coming correct. More on that here. Flyer by the only VJ I really enjoy, Olivepixel.

Saturday i’m hosting a Pioneer scratch battle all day then rolling to Atanu, the lighthouse on the Bund for this year’s last Ice Cream Truck rooftop party. Spinning with the homegirl Siesta plus The Uhhh, Mau Mau, and Trix. Baijiu Robot B2B set Mau Mau vs. Heatwolves may go down.

This will be huge, and goes till 2AM. If for some reason you don’t dance or like social situations, it’s worth it for toursts on the bund reacting to the sheer amounts of bass and the surreal scene happening atop a hundred-year old building, with mile-high neon skyscrapers in the background. Gonna rap a bit and probably drop some new originals. Probably some 2 Live Crew too.

and I’m told of another late-nite party going late Saturday night at Rico Rico, the beach by the Cool Docks…. [edit, i fucked up and party is NOT actually on the beach but instead at Rico Rico in the Cool Docks. they're doing three drinks for RMB100 and I'll play Baile Funk when I arrive around 2AM].

DJing a brunch on Sunday afternoon in Jing An..so if you like eggs benedict and 90s R&B on the patio or rooftop of a boutique hotel, you should come. Likely getting there about 1PM. Then off to JZ fest (a park-ish place by a lake somewhere near the expo site?) in the early evening to see Cavia + Ice Nine and the man Roy Ayres. The fam at Shanghai 24/7 did a couple podcasts about the festival, so download those before your commute.

Heard sunshine be comin too…