Who is Pictureplane and Why Should You Care?


Last fall my crew Love Bang brought Egyptian Lover to Shanghai for a live show and we packed out 390 Bar and had Mr. Egypt banging out beats on the 808, rapping, and dancing like a pharaoh at the same damn time. We don’t bring international acts in that often, but next week we’re linking up with our good friends Split Works to bring one of our favorite artists of recent years – Pictureplane. These shows are going down at two of the best venues in China – Arkham, Shanghai and Dada Bar, Beijing.

Wait, who is this bro? First off, he’s not a DJ, he’s a producer and he’s playing live and singing. Peep some of his tunes to start.

Pictureplane – Trance Doll

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Pictureplane – Gang Signs

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Emotional dance music made by a DIY punk kid. It all sounds like a rave in a computer junkyard after the end of the world. Genderless, high-tech, and neon, all with a coat of static and noise. The first PICTUREPLANE track I ever heard was his remix of HEALTH’s “Lost Time.” Years later I bought a used copy of his 2009 album Dark Rift oh a whim while record shopping in Kalamazoo.  I played that record non-stop for months and it’s still in heavy rotation.


The sequel to that album, Thee Physical, came out in 2011 and sounds much bigger due to co-production by Jupiter Keyes, the guitarist from LA Noise Rock band HEALTH. This one further explores the weird links between technology, gender, emotion, and trance.

Pictureplane – Real Is A Feeling

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Pictureplane – Sex Mechanism

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PICTUREPLANE grew up playing in bands, and for several years lived in a Denver art community/DIY warehouse space called Rhinoceropolis before relocating to Brooklyn, where he’s working on his third album, releasing clothing lines with Mishka, remixing and producing for other artists, and frequently collaborating with peeps like GRIMES. A$AP Rocky and AraabMuzik showed up and played a set at his party.


Pictureplane – Real Is A Feeling (GRIMES Remix)

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So he’s coming to China to play at Love Bang. We’re going all out with this – Pictureplane + three of Shanghai’s most on-point resident DJs, huge sound system, lights, inflatable animals, treats, errrrrythang.

March 7th @ Arkham Shanghai w/DJ Caution, Misloop, and Heatwolves

March 8th @ Dada Beijing w/DJ Caution and Heatwolves

Pre-sale tickets for the Shanghai show available over on SmartTicket. Get ’em for cheap and somebody gonna deliver those tickets right to your door.


Love Bang Heartbeats 2 Mix by DJ Caution


Love Bang had to drop a dope tape for Valentine’s Day. Here it is – forty minutes of 80s boogie, sleaze, and synth-pop in the first half then icy R&B // lovestep vibes in the second half. Even Mike Tyson shows up to talk about sex for a minute. Selected and mixed by DJ Caution.

This tape was too sexy for Soundcloud this so we just threw it up on Zippyshare. Click the orange “Download Now” button to grab it. Here’s the link.

Tracklist coming soon. You can catch DJ Caution at Love Bang Presents: TRU LUX @ CA Club in Xintiandi next Thursday.

Love Bang Pool Party #3 This Saturday


Big up to SmartShanghai for posting some pictures by Dace from the last party!

We’re right back in the pool this Saturday with waterfalls, rubber ducks, gummi sharks, and special guest DJs BAIJIU ROBOT (白酒机器人) plus Choyce Kutz and DJ Caution in the cut repping Come Correct.  Hip Hop, New Jack, House, Dancehall, Reggae, and House.

Weather forecast looks perfect for Saturday so we’re gonna start a bit earlier with a special deal – get there before noon and it’s only RMB80. After 12 it’s RMB150. Party goes till 8:30PM then you can join Mau Mau and the Yo! Banfa crew at Dada for a free afterparty.

你知道吗?肤色越黑越有钱!本周六8月10日跟Love Bang一起在水里玩儿整天。我们有四个DJ, 牛逼的音效,景好人美,气氛一级棒。早11:00到晚8:30. 中午12点前门票80元,12点后每位150元。定位请发邮件到 holler@lovebanguniverse.com

Peep this mic recording from DJ Caution’s set last Saturday to get a taste of the music we play at the pool.



Love Bang Pool Party #2 – The Life Aquatic


The first pool party was so good we gotta do it again on Saturday, in Xujiahui. And we can finally disclose the location:

Wending Lu near Hongqiao Lu. look for the golden gate, enter the apartment community, and look for the sounds or listen for the music. Or just ask a friendly uncle “叔叔请问一下,游泳池在哪里?”

You can walk there in five minutes from the Xujiahui metro station, that’s lines one and nine.

Really proper DJ lineup this time. Expecting to get turnt up. Here’s the press blurb…

“This Saturday from 11:30AM till 8:30PM it’s round two of the Love Bang Pool Party, The Life Aquatic! If Wes Anderson made a 90s rap video, it might look like this… We’ve got an outdoor pool with waterfalls, five DJs playing hip hop, reggae, dancehall, and deep house, affordable food and drink, manicures, massages, and a location right in the city center: Wending Lu near Hongqiao Lu (文定路红桥路). Please RSVP to holler@lovebanguniverse.com to guarantee a spot. Tickets= 150RMB per person, including free entry to afterparty at The Geisha all night. ”


New Mix by DJ Caution – Love Bang Cassette coming on Saturday


Big thanks to everyone who came out to the website launch on Friday! Good vibe as always and lots of new heads.

Feeling so hot you can’t think straight? We have just the summer mix for that.

We’re trying Love Bang in a new space this Saturday so we’re dropping a brand new mix on cassette. It’s way different from what we play in the club but music we love nonetheless. Here’s Side A by DJ Caution – full download and tracklist coming on Sunday, but you can buy the cassette at our show at 390 on Saturday.

Yep, a cassette, like that Aerosmith “Get a Grip” or GnR “Appetite For Destruction” you probably used to have. This one’s put out by the good folk at Uptown Record Store, your only stop for EPs, LPs, vintage gear, and more in Shanghai, right on Pingwu Lu near Xingfu Lu.


no work on friday – what are a dragonboat

Dragonboat Festival coming up on Sunday. According to my colleagues, this party’s been going down for 2,500 + years. So next time you eat a zongzi (…gooey rice triangle filled with savory pork or something sweet, always wrapped in a banana leaf..) remember that people been eating that since before tha boi Jesus was eatin salmon.

Again, according to my colleagues, Dragonboat festival started because this poet dude was pissed about the state of affairs in China so he committed suicide by jumping in a lake. Because he was a really chill dude who wrote romantic poems, his friends were like “nah we can’t have all those fish disrespecting dude’s body like that” so they threw a bunch of sticky rice triangles stuffed with savory pork in the river so the fish would eat those instead of upset poet dude’s flesh.

Not sure if they used the Dragonboat to retrieve poet dude’s body or to throw the zongzi at the fish…maybe both.

My colleagues later asked me why white people eat turkey on thanksgiving and I said I dunno but turkey is good and thanksgiving is fucked up cause we killed so many Indians but act like we were just hanging out eating turkey with them but thanksgiving is still the chillest holiday cause there’s no presents people just chill and eat.

Anyway, no one has to work on Friday so you should come to Dada tonight. My fellow Super Ayi Cleaning Team member DJ Caution is playing great music all night and I’ll probably get on the decks for a while too. Dragon-step bra

Wow I’m in Gubei right now and there’s so many whores and so much Korean food.

It’s sunny and this song is exactly how I feel.

Clipse – Gangsta Lean

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cover art for "LOVE U LONG TIME" mixtape by Shanghai's SUPER AYI CLEANING TEAM

Here’s the reason for the lack of posts recently – I’ve been working on this mix right here with the homie DJ Caution and our Chinese auntie friends. We’re super proud of this one, and confident to say that no one has done anything quite like this before. It all started when we realized that the 1983  mid-tempo hip-hop track “World’s Famous” by Malcom McLaren, the same dude who did “Buffalo Gals,” sounds fucking ill slowed down to 88 beats per minute (bpm) from its original 107 bpm.

Then we went through about 200 more tracks trying to find ones that sounded just right when pitched way down. Lots of songs sounded like complete garbage, but some sounded amazing at slow speeds – sometimes even better than the original track. Italo disco, boogie, and mid-tempo hip hop worked best. These songs have heavy analogue synthesizer-bass that sounds warm and deep when pitched down to the extreme, unlike songs made with software plugins/emulators that sound awful under these conditions. If you slow down most modern “electro,” (the kind that people have in mind when they ask the DJ to play something “dirty”) you can hear the audio bits breaking apart like a spilled box of digital Cherrios. But not with the tracks on this mix.

“Built for rainy days and purple sunsets – the January 2012 Chinese New Year mix by Shanghai’s SUPER AYI CLEANING TEAM members DJ Caution and Heatwolves. A carefully selected bag of italo disco, house, and hip hop, slowed down 30% and cut with some dusty old VHS tapes from around the world. Slow, bass-heavy, smokey, and sexy.”

Tracklist after the jump – hope you enjoy! We’re doing mixes every month this year, this is only the beginning. Continue reading

dat mixtape

Huge thanks to everyone who came to dada on saturday. Love Bang gets bigger and bigger each time. mad love.

in the tradition of our one-off “holiday edition” Love Bangs, I’m throwing down this Sunday night at Dada on the solo tip. everyone in China gets the week off work so if you’re not chasing…in Thailand or something, you best be at Dada for the usual hotpot of music. I’m also playing at the Ice Cream Truck Rooftop Party on Saturday afternoon/evening. Bringing a lot of vinyl out for that one…

and now I’m proud to present the mixtape DJ Caution and I have been working on for the last few weeks….

Syrup, Starfox Bass, Swamp R&B, Gucci Mane, original tracks, remixes, and edits, and more from The Super Ayi Cleaning Team Extended Fam. I’ll release the tracklist here in a couple days, have fun guessing until then.

We are killing the game with this one. No one else in China is touching our mixtape game. Enjoy – we put a lot of love into this.

Love Bang #10 Mixtape Dj Caution vs. Heatwolves by HeatWolves