cover art for "LOVE U LONG TIME" mixtape by Shanghai's SUPER AYI CLEANING TEAM

Here’s the reason for the lack of posts recently – I’ve been working on this mix right here with the homie DJ Caution and our Chinese auntie friends. We’re super proud of this one, and confident to say that no one has done anything quite like this before. It all started when we realized that the 1983  mid-tempo hip-hop track “World’s Famous” by Malcom McLaren, the same dude who did “Buffalo Gals,” sounds fucking ill slowed down to 88 beats per minute (bpm) from its original 107 bpm.

Then we went through about 200 more tracks trying to find ones that sounded just right when pitched way down. Lots of songs sounded like complete garbage, but some sounded amazing at slow speeds – sometimes even better than the original track. Italo disco, boogie, and mid-tempo hip hop worked best. These songs have heavy analogue synthesizer-bass that sounds warm and deep when pitched down to the extreme, unlike songs made with software plugins/emulators that sound awful under these conditions. If you slow down most modern “electro,” (the kind that people have in mind when they ask the DJ to play something “dirty”) you can hear the audio bits breaking apart like a spilled box of digital Cherrios. But not with the tracks on this mix.

“Built for rainy days and purple sunsets – the January 2012 Chinese New Year mix by Shanghai’s SUPER AYI CLEANING TEAM members DJ Caution and Heatwolves. A carefully selected bag of italo disco, house, and hip hop, slowed down 30% and cut with some dusty old VHS tapes from around the world. Slow, bass-heavy, smokey, and sexy.”

Tracklist after the jump – hope you enjoy! We’re doing mixes every month this year, this is only the beginning. Continue reading

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Been a minute since the last update; been preparing to go back to the land of gold this Saturday.

First off, wanna thank everyone who came to Love Bang #12 last Saturday @Dada. Was by far our biggest night ever and it wouldn’t be possible without the great crowd who came out, so big up yourself. I remember looking up at midnight like “huh, not that many people here..” then ten minutes later it was so packed it took five minutes to get from the door to the dance floor, then dropping “All Nite” by Rustie.

And special thanks to ESHIN from Trouble Audio, who absolutely murdered it. Was the first time anyone played Drum & Bass at Love Bang and god damn…Brooklyn dem don’t play.

Looking forward to 2012, we got Love Bang #13 on Jan. 21st at Dada with DJ Caution, MC One Con, and myself, then Love Bang #14 Super Valentine’s Edition on Feb. 11th with special guest DjMrWhite plus other super-friends.

And for March, we got something extra special –  on the opening night of Split Works‘ JUE festival, we’re doing Love Bang @ The Shelter with special guest BICEP. Don’t get it confused, we love Dada and will continue doing Love Bang there, but we need a bigger venue for this one, and what’s better than The Shelter?

Bicep – Say You Wanna

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Lady Gaga – Alejandro (bicep Italo flex)

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sorry, no DLs on these. dem are my friends and they quit their dayjobs to do this full-time, so dem gots to get paid.

check out their site – i can’t recommend it enough. hundreds of entries and songs, from rare italo-disco and chicago-house to horror soundtracks and hip hop.