my boo

Does anyone know the etymology of the term-of-endearment “boo” ?

All I’ve come up with in the Apple dictionary is the British phrase “wouldn’t say boo to a goose” to describe a shy person.

And a really strange example in the verb section, “I practically got booed off the stage for talking about cyperpunk.”

In this classic 90s jam, boo just means lover, or girlfriend/boyfriend, as in “you’re my boo.” Pretty sure girls are usually boos.

Balam Acab, who’s about to release an LP on my favorite new label, Tri Angle, just remixed this track, slowing it down into something some people might call witch house. Not as ill as the original, but still good.

Ghost Town DJs – My Boo (BALAM ACAB Remix)

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Actually I’m bumping the original right now and my Ayi is really digging it.