tracklist coming after the weekend -

update: weekend in Qingdao was out of control. more on that soon.

so this is a mixtape intended for and inspired by rides on public transportation [shanghai in my case] – to work, school, or recreation.

it’s twenty minutes, so it’s good for a gym warmup too. uptempo bass music, mostly current and from the UK. Trick Daddy and Game of Thrones show up too, plus field samples i took then filtered through secret portals and chambers. peep this on headphones, there’s a lot going on.

here’s the tracklist:


2. ??? a Speed Garage track from the 90s
3. Conqueror – Highest Order VIP
4. Boddika – Acid Jackson
5. Pasteman, Herobot – Off The Chain
6. Jon Convex – Bump And Grind
7. French Fries – Smoke Wine
8. Trevino – Tweakonomics
9. Jam City – HER
10. Pangaea – Release
11. DJ Funeral – The Killing (VIP)
[slightly sampled, filtered, and cut into......]
12. Game of Thrones Theme Song (Nacey Bootleg)
13. Jam City – New York
14. Singapore Public Transit training video i found on YouTube
14. Xujiahui Station 到了,谢谢

chinese pop songs remixed//BLACK RABBIT

what. up.

fuck an apology, just gonna hit em with the remix. my boy Caution and I did this in about twenty hours. we sampled crickets from outside my apartment building at 3am and used them as percussion.

the track is by Hebe, a Taiwanese pop singer who’s playing at Black Rabbit festival this weekend in Shanghai, along with Ludacris, Mount Kimbie, Titus Androndicus, Gold Panda, Saigon, and a lot of other artists I’m feeling. four stages.

Love (we love bang remix) by HeatWolves

tickets are RMB260 pre-sale here. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS. Don’t be that dude who just ate avocados + Gouda and got a foot massage on Sunday while everyone else was wilding out at the biggest music festival in Shanghai ever.

i’m also playing at the festival in both Shanghai and Beijing, along with Grandmaster Flash on the NBA Stage. pump. apparently Grandmaster Flash has a list of about 200 songs that none of the other DJs can play. they’re all the most famous 80′s/90′s rap songs but likely no Dub.STEP and or JUKE so I won’t have to feel the wrath of the grandmaster.

gonna post music by Black Rabbit artists and more exclusives all week.