This Thursday – Vinyl Night RETURNS to Logo


黑胶社会要会来! 本周四.

God damn it’s already the third Wednesday of that month, and you know what that means – tomorrow night we go down to Logo with a bunch of records and hope the turntables work. All vinyl, all night, at Logo Bar. We do it for free and for the love, so come down if you wanna hear some music you won’t hear anywhere else in a nice dive bar. Lots of UK Garage, House, Dubstep, and Jungle, plus the odd Cameo or Kate Bush record, mixed live on two Technics turntables.

Tmmr night we’ve got special guest Drunk Monk from Sub-Culture Shanghai/SVBKVLT/Uprooted Sunshine/The Shelter. Word is he’s playing at Outlook Festival in Croatia this summer with his wife ChaCha, one of the illest MCs in China. Dude also owns one of the biggest and baddest vinyl collections in the continent. Dubplates, super rare records, and some crazy shit you’ve never heard before, guaranteed. Badman. He’ll be down at midnight.

It’s happening on Xingfu Lu, a street where thousands have danced to something different than the music on most other streets in Shanghai. I’ve never heard the Titanic soundtrack or some Bosanova playing from a CD-hawker cart on Xingfu Lu, and that’s  the soundtrack of this damn city. 喔唷你们卖CD的人,你们换歌吧!听腻了.

Word is Drunk Monk is holding several copies of Kode9’s “Xingfu Lu” EP on Hyperdub vinyl. I’m hoping to grab one. You may remember Kode9 from his lectures on military applications of sound/sound as a weapon, and other esoteric topics at Dada Bar.

Anyway that’s Thursday, July 18th at Logo Bar (298 Xingfu Lu, near Pingwu Lu, near Jiaotong University Metro Station, Line 10). 10PM – 3AM, then we eat crayfish and are careful not to cut our hands. There are 叔叔 uncles soaking their feet in kiddie pools of cool water at the crayfish spot, drinking cold Suntory beer and eating crayfish after crayfish, with a Gucci t-shirt rolled halfway up their belly.

I’ve posted this before but here’s the recording from our first night with guests Shanghai Ultra and DJ Skinny Brown AKA DJ Sal. Thanks to all the listeners! We promise to try to get a recording tomorrow night, just in case you’re not in Shanghai or you are but you gotta do some bullshit or aren’t sure what ur friends are doing yet or dun really know logo is dat a new place??? or u hva early mornin or u might hav3 other planz, but you still want to listen. Well I got the Zoom X2 portable recorder ready with a fresh SD and some White Elephant brand batteries.

Crickets are mad loud huh. Amazing. Imagine if crickets over-bred so there were like, billions of crickets in the city and everyone had to use earplugs and communicate by text????



Somehow made it through that weekend. Desto and Drunk Monk killed it at Shelter on Friday. I stayed till the end and slept four hours, ran to the mall to host a DJ battle for Pioneer and met a bag of ten Big Mac’s and a cordial, elderly Japanese boss wearing a white suit. He was not feeling my public-speaking-on-no-sleep skills.  Unfortunately all but one of the scratch DJs sucked. One dude like drummed out the piano lines from Linkin Park “In the end,” super offbeat and not in a cool way. Painful.

The one dude with skills didn’t win – but he is gonna come through COME CORRECT on Wednesday @ Shelter to play a special set. DJ Casper, straight from the slums of Xiamen.

Rooftop party, also legend status. Big up to the Ice Cream Truck for having me play at 8PM and 12:30AM. And the lamb party at Rico Rico…god damn. Speaking of lambs, and this has been done before by some cats i know, but i wanna get like fifteen – twenty people together to throw down on a WHOLE lamb or sheep at a Xinjiang restaurant. It’s about RMB1200 but I reckon that could easily feed twenty of us. Holla if you’re interested.

And really pumped about this – SAMIYAM, from Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder label, coming to Shelter on Thursday with the Beat Conductorz fam (Ceezy, Hamacide, and SIG). Dude also has releases on Hyperdub and lots of other top-tier labels. Glitchy as fuck, syrupy rap beats. Something like the music from this #ghettoasfuck bootleg nintendo that my friends and i found in an abandoned building last night. We fought a feral raccoon for this but felt bad when we found out it doesn’t work. Peep how the controllers are attached to the system. Also, it’s “100% Ninteno compatible” [sic] according to the box.

SAMIYAM – Return

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SAMIYAM – Roller Skates

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If you’re in Shanghai tonight, come down to Dada for a classic 80s horror/comedy flick – Fright Night. Free.

And I’ll be in Beijing this weekend. Big things coming in November so need to dip out of Shanghai for a minute. What’s good in Beijing? Holla.