dat CD market

spent a couple hours digging through the CD market yesterday. used to dig for records a lot more but at this point i’d rather have WAV files of older tracks made with analogue equipment, e.g. “Push It,” “Poison,” Motown jams. still got love for vinyl but it’s a bitch to lug around, and more and more clubs have CDJs with a USB slot, so I can easily just throw like 1,000 songs on a thumb drive and just turn up with that and my headphones…so much easier than burning CDs.

came with the intention of grabbing some soul compilations but walked away with a lot of R&B for my “Take It Home” playlist (D’angelo, The Dream) plus a few Motown comps, a Doo-Wop box set, a Trax Records comp, and one of my favorite hip hop albums ever – Black Bastards by KMD.

all for RMB 5 each!!

didn’t find this one at the market, but as I mentioned yesterday, Kode9 is coming back to The Shelter this Saturday. DO NOT SLEEP on this. and make sure you get down EARLY, like before 10PM. something wild happening around 10PM but doors will be locked from 10PM – 11PM so get your spot. Here’s the first of some Kode9 tracks I’ll post throughout the week, this one with the one and only Cha Cha. Sorry no DL on this – people gots to eat.

Kode9 featuring Cha Cha – Love Is The Drug

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