Love Bang Pool Party #2 – The Life Aquatic


The first pool party was so good we gotta do it again on Saturday, in Xujiahui. And we can finally disclose the location:

Wending Lu near Hongqiao Lu. look for the golden gate, enter the apartment community, and look for the sounds or listen for the music. Or just ask a friendly uncle “叔叔请问一下,游泳池在哪里?”

You can walk there in five minutes from the Xujiahui metro station, that’s lines one and nine.

Really proper DJ lineup this time. Expecting to get turnt up. Here’s the press blurb…

“This Saturday from 11:30AM till 8:30PM it’s round two of the Love Bang Pool Party, The Life Aquatic! If Wes Anderson made a 90s rap video, it might look like this… We’ve got an outdoor pool with waterfalls, five DJs playing hip hop, reggae, dancehall, and deep house, affordable food and drink, manicures, massages, and a location right in the city center: Wending Lu near Hongqiao Lu (文定路红桥路). Please RSVP to to guarantee a spot. Tickets= 150RMB per person, including free entry to afterparty at The Geisha all night. ”


Love Bang 30 – Why We Moved House to 390 Bar.


Alright it’s going down this Saturday at 390. We’ve moved our club night from Dada into a new space and perhaps you’re wondering why we’ve moved it to…gasp.. a gay bar?

We did Love Bang at Dada for about three years and while we love that place, we need a bigger dancefloor. Yuyintang? Nope, no one cares about DJs there. Arkham? Too big for local nights. Geisha? Too glossy. Pheobe? Fuck’outta here. Shelter? Hard to book a night there.

390 fits about 400 people and that’s perfect for our night. Also this spot feels a bit more grown and sexy but not rich and ignorant, a la Bund bars. There’s two floors, two bars, neon everywhere, and the sound system bumps. In other words, it’s perfect.

But what about it being a gay bar? Well, it’s an interesting concept, 390 Bar. A partnership between Sacco, a stalwart of the indie scene, and the owner of Shanghai Studio, it’s half livehouse, half gay bar. They do gay nights and nights for everyone, including rock shows from some of China’s biggest up-and-coming acts like Nova Heart and Snapline. The owners also run Uptown Records, Shanghai’s premiere spot for vinyl.

Love Bang has always been LGBT friendly so we don’t care, and if anything, the gay bar description will keep some of that young, aggressive fresh-off-the-boat/omg-china-so-cray bro cohort away. This is a mixed night open to all who wanna dance. If you’re looking for a really gay party, Obama Club is still the biggest gay night in town on Saturday’s with over 1,000 peeps on the reg.

And what about the drinks, you ask. There’s Stella draft for RMB35 and Asahi and Qingdao bottles for RMB30. Mixed drinks are RMB40 – 45 plus some fancy cocktails for a bit more.

So come down this Saturday and check out the new spot. It’s free entry before 11PM if you RSVP to, and RMB50 w/one shot after that. We’ve got two special guests, El’se from Acid Pony Club/Bar Rouge and ADO8 from Lo-Fai/STD, plus residents DJ Caution and yrs truly. You already know we only play the best hip hop, house, dancehall, and _____step.

390 at 390 Fanyu Lu, a five-minute walk from Jiaotong University metro station (Line 10). If you live in Jing An, you can take Bus 76 right to the front steps. Line 1 Xujiahui is about a twenty-minute walk, so is Line 2 Jiangsu Road.


So much party and god damn heat. House music legend Kenny Dope from Masters at Work playing at Unico, allegedly a burgeoning desperate housewives scene that club, “astronaut afghan” rock band Rainbow Danger Club saying goodbye at Yuyintang on Saturday, stacks of drum machines and acid at Shelter with Ceephax Acid Crew, a beach party in a gigantic sandbox near that lovely river, bass music from Hong Kong at Dada on Friday, and BBQ in the summer rain at some point. Lots of wet dogs walking about.

Shanghai totally shifted shape since I arrived in 2007. Now we have not just international music, but comedians, chefs, ice cream, chicken…

Really though, this weekend you just wanna come to our night – Love Bang x Hip Hop Hijack on Saturday at 390. Classic Love Bang party in a new spot with a really solid dancefloor and a more grown and sexy feel. Draft beer, Asahi bottles, and mixed drinks still affordable though (RMB35 – 45). More neon, lots of different rooms, low seats, two bars, and a second level looking down on the floor. There’s even a Pac-man arcade box  my friend bought for 1,000RMB and dragged to Fanyu Lu from a  market in Baoshan aka the hood.


And the best music as always. Hip Hop, R&B, Dancehall, Rap, House, Dubstep, and anything good. If you haven’t been to Love Bang for a while or just consistently avoid it, come on Saturday. We’re releasing a cassette, giving away a boombox, and just generally turning things up a notch. This some graduation, red cup on the lawn shit as Yeezus would say. May even drop some loot on more bass, let’s see.

If I didn’t have a party on Saturday I’d go to Ceephax Acid Crew at Shelter. Dead Elvis at 390 Friday night sounds aight too. See you out there.

Here’s a brand new mix to get you through Friday. Tracklist coming on Sunday. Recorded live in one take on the porch in disorientating humidity on Technics and Serato.


New Mix by DJ Caution – Love Bang Cassette coming on Saturday


Big thanks to everyone who came out to the website launch on Friday! Good vibe as always and lots of new heads.

Feeling so hot you can’t think straight? We have just the summer mix for that.

We’re trying Love Bang in a new space this Saturday so we’re dropping a brand new mix on cassette. It’s way different from what we play in the club but music we love nonetheless. Here’s Side A by DJ Caution – full download and tracklist coming on Sunday, but you can buy the cassette at our show at 390 on Saturday.

Yep, a cassette, like that Aerosmith “Get a Grip” or GnR “Appetite For Destruction” you probably used to have. This one’s put out by the good folk at Uptown Record Store, your only stop for EPs, LPs, vintage gear, and more in Shanghai, right on Pingwu Lu near Xingfu Lu. now online!


Really proud to finally launch the site for the club night i do in shanghai and other cities. Big up to Team Dalek for their all-star design and programming work!

Actually Team AYI brought down Astrill so you’d have to peep this 网站.

This minimalist site just links all our English and Chinese social media and lets the public sign up for our mailing list. The book in the corner takes users to the “some art” corner of, which Team AYI will soon make more fashion.

Youku = Chinese YouTube and Weibo = Chinese Twitter. Actually, Weixin/WeChat looks to trump Weibo in China. Unsure how to best use Weixin for promo, but definitely not a massive group chat. Really hate the big group chats sometimes because my phone already vibrates randomly so when that group chat goes off too that’s bout enough to drive a person mad. But for meetings/projects with like three – six people, Weixin/WeChat OWNS.

Also, apparently less young people are using Weibo in China because of increased ads, fake fans, and censorship. This is good and bad. Good because you can have closer contact with closer friends, but bad because netizens often use Weibo to expose scandal/corruption/other dark matters, and Weixin doesn’t really work for that. I imagine the average Weixin user’s account has a smaller “circle of information” than their Weibo account.

For example, if I open up Weibo, I’ll see pictures from concerts in Beijing, a crazy 3D mapping video by my friend Matt (more about that in this week’s “What’s Good in Shanghai?”), a random picture of Rihanna, art, cool stories reposted by friends with good taste, and news stories like that Chengguan officer who stomped on a street-vendors head. I do get a lot more bullshit but filtering through that can land some gems like this.

If I open up Wexin, I’ll get a lot more personal info. Photos from friends’ trips and last nights, promo from close friends, drawings/art by friends. Also cool but really a different circle and level of closeness. Weibo = big picture, news, scandals, reposts of cool shit, Weixin = awesome functions for socializing with people you likely know IRL. Both important. Anyway, gonna keep experimenting with Weibo, i.e. figuring out how to succeed at Chinese social media.

Anyone have ideas for how to best promote our nights through Weixin/WeChat?

Shout out to my Beta Tester fam. Please leave any comments/problems/feedback about the site in the comments here!


what’s coming up next

cookin and playin squash on no sleep. got loads of new tunes to play at dada tonight though. bout to space out on sitar for a minute and transcend insomnia.

in recent developments, we’re launching the love bang website next week so stay tuned for that and a special B2B set by Caution and myself.


then we’re dropping a mix on cassette thru uptown records and linking up with hip hop hijack for a party on the 22nd. we’re giving away one boombox, bunch of tapes, bottles, and tickets so stay tuned.


then it’s pool parties.

you’ll definitely hear this at Dada tonight:

Action Bronson x Harry Fraud – Mean (ft. French Montana)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.




ok no more dog photos, for now. moving on to ducks.

peep this poster, inspired by Hong Kong’s giant floating duck, now sadly deflated. i won’t appear at this Love Bang because I’m headed to Beijing with Sal for Popasuda on the same night! See you at Dada Beijing on Friday.


Alright onto the music. Today we’ve got an absolutely DOPE mix of rare Asian disco. no idea what any of these tracks are. some in Mandarin, Japanese, Fujianhua, Thai, and unknown languages from the Pacific Rim. pretty sure Daft Punk just ripped off some rare Thai disco when they wrote “Get Lucky.”

and if you’re looking for something a bit more 现代, peep this mix from Kingdom, ahead of his “Vertical XL” EP release. dude mixes with Rihanna with underwater bass sludge and even throws in that guilty pleasure of a Top 40 song about eating p – “Kisses Down Low” by Kelly Rowland. this is how I want pop music to sound.

enjoy the sunday. man done turnt up the gale force wind machine ya heard.

Also, EXCLUSIVE mix from DJ Conrank coming tmmr.


Love Bang Three-Year Anniversary

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 谢谢大家 - 周六太NB – so good. Thanks to everyone who came and those made it happen, like DJ Caution, Luce, FeelGoodSmalls, Gucci, Dace, and of course – Xiaochang from Dada Bar. I really didn’t know what to expect on Saturday, with all the parties going on, but thankfully not everyone in Shanghai likes over-hyped German techno.
Right here we’ve got a flyer I’ve wanted to draw for a long, long time. You know that feeling when you come out of Shelter at 5am and life feels like Walking Dead? Yongfu Lu may just be the most surreal street on earth, filled with pushers, prostitutes, monkeys, vagrants, and just all kinds of deviants. Thanks to Gucci C for the help drawing this one. See you on April 12th, fam.
Deadboy – Geek’d Up

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Haven’t heard anything from Deadboy in a long, long time, but he came correct on this deep house banger that samples the one and only Juicy J. Pretty sure this track sealed the deal for a few couples on that late late nite tip on Saturday.
The older I get, the more I like deep house and don’t understand what the kids like. Just waiting for trap to die. Would rather the adjective “trappy” die out first really. Alright I’m done being an old man, but first, here’s some more old man music from a CD full of seven minute songs. JT on his “November Rain” flex. Crazy Bollywood samples and percussion on this one.
Justin Timberlake – Don’t Hold The Wall

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