Internets really been fucking up lately. I heard networks get hacked frequently here, like there’s some program called “password get” or something and shady types just cop dat mima and eat your bandwidth. not chill.

Saw mogwai at mao livehouse last night. Had never heard any mogwai songs before but people made them sound life-changing so i said fuck it and went in with a totally open mind.

It reminded me of how when i DJed at Shiva that one time, i had to find the most boring house tracks on my computer and people went nuts for those, like “ goooood.” mogwai do the whole play-really-chill-then-explode thing, but when they did [kinda] rock out, i couldn’t help but think back to seeing Tool when I was sixteen and how much harder they rocked.

Or to pick a more recent example, Shackleton last Friday at the Shelter. Obviously it’s one dude and not a whole band of museum pieces (Mogwai dude’s banter did not go past “hi, we’re from Scottland. Thanks, xiexie…” and if that’s post-rock protocol, ok fine, not mad), but his live performance also lacks singing and deals heavily in restraint, though his “down times” are far more interesting. Shackleton builds really complex [and danceable] rhythms from strange percussion, unsettling vocal samples, and other hypnotizing elements – no big basslines or kicks – and then after ten minutes and a bit of silence, drops just punishing bass. My friend was like “I never felt speaker make my ass move before.” Really like “wtf, this rhythm is mental…” The encore, through a monotone computer voice, told the story of a dragon than had to be slayed.

At that show, totally sober, I didn’t leave my spot next to the subwoofer for like an hour and a half. I wandered outside during the Mogwai show and left early to flyer outside and wasn’t upset that I missed the encore. On the front stairs, I gave a girl our mixtape and hope she listened to it; hope those dudes from Suzhou found some noodles or KFC too… Also thought Mogwai’s show would have been wayyyyyyy weaker without their contemplative videos looping in the background, and that says a lot about the music. I can’t remember any visuals or VJ at Shackleton; I don’t even think the booth camera was on.

So for me, one dude brought it much harder than a whole band. Just sayin. These are also the only two shows I’ve spent money on recently, another reason for the comparison.

The one and only Three 6 Mafia…

“Don’t sleep at night we comin through your motherfuckin windowpane….”

Triple Six Mafia – Sleep

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