Love Bang 30 – Why We Moved House to 390 Bar.


Alright it’s going down this Saturday at 390. We’ve moved our club night from Dada into a new space and perhaps you’re wondering why we’ve moved it to…gasp.. a gay bar?

We did Love Bang at Dada for about three years and while we love that place, we need a bigger dancefloor. Yuyintang? Nope, no one cares about DJs there. Arkham? Too big for local nights. Geisha? Too glossy. Pheobe? Fuck’outta here. Shelter? Hard to book a night there.

390 fits about 400 people and that’s perfect for our night. Also this spot feels a bit more grown and sexy but not rich and ignorant, a la Bund bars. There’s two floors, two bars, neon everywhere, and the sound system bumps. In other words, it’s perfect.

But what about it being a gay bar? Well, it’s an interesting concept, 390 Bar. A partnership between Sacco, a stalwart of the indie scene, and the owner of Shanghai Studio, it’s half livehouse, half gay bar. They do gay nights and nights for everyone, including rock shows from some of China’s biggest up-and-coming acts like Nova Heart and Snapline. The owners also run Uptown Records, Shanghai’s premiere spot for vinyl.

Love Bang has always been LGBT friendly so we don’t care, and if anything, the gay bar description will keep some of that young, aggressive fresh-off-the-boat/omg-china-so-cray bro cohort away. This is a mixed night open to all who wanna dance. If you’re looking for a really gay party, Obama Club is still the biggest gay night in town on Saturday’s with over 1,000 peeps on the reg.

And what about the drinks, you ask. There’s Stella draft for RMB35 and Asahi and Qingdao bottles for RMB30. Mixed drinks are RMB40 – 45 plus some fancy cocktails for a bit more.

So come down this Saturday and check out the new spot. It’s free entry before 11PM if you RSVP to, and RMB50 w/one shot after that. We’ve got two special guests, El’se from Acid Pony Club/Bar Rouge and ADO8 from Lo-Fai/STD, plus residents DJ Caution and yrs truly. You already know we only play the best hip hop, house, dancehall, and _____step.

390 at 390 Fanyu Lu, a five-minute walk from Jiaotong University metro station (Line 10). If you live in Jing An, you can take Bus 76 right to the front steps. Line 1 Xujiahui is about a twenty-minute walk, so is Line 2 Jiangsu Road.