PAIRS Vinyl Release This Weekend

What’s more hipster than a two-piece rock band with a white male singer on drums and a cute Asian girl on guitar? Hmmm…let me calculate this on my ironic Casio calculator watch (matches the Urkel glasses). Well, I guess a cute Asian girl on drums/singing and an owl playing bass would trump that.

Enter PAIRS, the duo of outspoken scene stalwart Rhys, an Aussie cunt, and F, a nice girl from Shanghai who can [kind of] play the guitar. Together they make some loud rock music with lots of banging and screaming a la Animal from The Muppets. Refreshingly, they’re better appreciated live. This weekend they join the ranks of I-released-a-vinyl-in-2012 with their double-LP “If This Cockroach Doesn’t Die, I Will,” on Metal Postcard records and produced by my good friends and neighbors The Acid Pony Club.

Perhaps more importantly than their music, PAIRS vis-a-vis Rhys have unquestionably helped build the music scene in SH. Rhys is one of the few Western promoters in China who markets to the local crowd. [Also the only person who came to the Love Bang pool party in jeans]. But really, dude has sweated to build something in our city, e.g. throwing a secret show in a far-away place with no profit-incentive, promoted exclusively in Chinese on Douban and other websites, conducting and posting countless multi-hour interviews with peeps in the scene (inc. yrs truly), putting lots of local bands on all his bills, and adopting weibo earlier than most laowai.

He’s got a militant approach to everything he does, come across as..intense in interviews (but as my friend pointed out, also has the inquisitiveness of a young Charlie Rose), and doesn’t hesitate to talk shit when called for. Opinions of the man may be divisive, but scenes need peeps like this to grow.

So if you’re somewhere in China this weekend, go support, because they’ve probably been supporting harder than you. No DL on this, go buy the album. If you don’t have a record player, holler at Uptown.


PAIRS album release tmmr nite


a lot of people will travel to the netherworld of Pudong to see DJ Shadow play tmmr night. And yeah, Entroducting was really ill, he’s a legend, etc…

but for me, the show at Yuyintang looks much better. for one, i’m sick of seeing DJs. need to see some proper live music. two, PAIRS are my favorite live band in Shanghai. it’s the homeboy Rhys on drums and vocals, and F on guitar. Simple arrangement, really intense set. roughly 25 – 30 minutes of fucking raw rock and roll. there’s other bands playing too.

and it’s only RMB20, with their new album Summer Sweat available for donations. that + street beer > going to fuck-all pudong.  PAIRS are on at about 11. Suggest earplugs and aforementioned street-beers.


Here’s a couple tracks from that new album:

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PAIRS – Chiko

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PAIRS – Cloud Nine


I asked Rhys three questions yesterday.

1. Heatwolves: if you had a playlist called sexual seduction, what would be the top five tracks on there?

1. Kes Band – Gentle Elf

2. Outkast – Ms. Jackson

3. Shellac – Prayer to god

4. The National – Conversation 16

5. Royal Headache – Honey Joy

2. Heatwolves: If you were in charge of black rabbit, which five acts would you bring (remembering that the festival tries to cater to everyone)?

Rhys: Not sure how I feel about this cater to everyone. Broad strokes are good, but I’d get worried about spreading myself too thin. I’d pick Royal Headache, The Go!Team, Li’l Wayne, Slipknot and Fuck Buttons.

3. Heatwolves: PAIRS gets to tour the world, and you can stop at any place, at any time, e.g. London 1213 then Tokyo 2056. Which five spots do you go to? also why, if possible.

Shanghai 2006 so I could hassle for a Dirty Three support.
Bendigo, Australia 2060 – just to see what’s not happening and what hasn’t changed.
Tianjin 3000 – visit the old haunts and swing on that swing chair in 13 Club.New York, anytime – just gotta go there, really. Sex and the City tour.

Shanghai 2011 so I could be part of the Hotter Then Teppanyaki set again, Fuck Pairs.