Heatwolves’ Castle At Lune, Feb 15 2014


Yo world, here comes another rare event – Heatwolves’ Castle at Lune on Xinle Lu/Fumin Lu. The corner where the smiley, Gandolf-lookin’ hobo hangs out with beautiful ethnic women and sketchy dudes in hoodies pace around asking “weed, hashish…?” It’s the cousin of Yongfu Lu, with better food options.

I’m DJing all night up on the 4th floor, playing tracks that I might not play at Love Bang, which is more party-music oriented. Expect more left-field music, headnod beats, italo disco, 80s new wave, rock, weird samples, and Chinese music. Gonna bring a stack of vinyl out too.

That’s Saturday night, from ten till late. No cover.







“Yellow living room set; lemonade Gucci shoes for my girl.” – Gucci Mane
This poster is about migrant workers like yrs truly trying to buy a train ticket home for Chinese New Year. Unfortunately for many, including me, that was impossible this year because [allegedly] the ticket scalpers, known as 黄牛 (yellow cows), had some special software that allowed them to grab hundreds of tickets in mere seconds.
More about this – 2014 is the year of the horse, hence the horse, and the yellow cow is talking all gangster like with his uddering of “怎么说” which roughly translates to “whadda’ ya need, playa?” Lemonade shoes were inspired by Gucci Mane’s song “Lemonade” played by DJ Cavia at Shelter last Wednesday. Flyer drawn Ms. C and Dr. Wolf. This is what some have described as “hood mario kart” music.
Gucci Mane – Lemonade aka Huangniu (黄牛) Theme Redux

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And this ain’t no ordinary Saturday night on Xingfu Lu. We’re joined by the homie NAAAH from Push and Pull, a club night dedicated to “Pushing Jackin’, Garage, Grime and LDN house” [read: loud, bassy music from the UK. Heads down, vibes ting innit m8]. No really though, dude has serious skills on the DJ and producer tip. Check out his new tune “2much” right here on the soundclouds.

See you on Saturday at Dada.  Don’t lurk, say what up! Here’s one more song about lemonade.
Chi Ali – Funky Lemonade

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You’re stuck inside but you’re not alone – it’s time for love. Here’s some timeless baby-making music to light your candles. Songs for winter foreplay under warm covers or just on the floor, mixed by Shanghai’s LOVE BANG crew with help from Pleasure Robot #8888. Look out for the X-rated sequel dropping on Feb 10th 2014.

外面冷死了, 想做爱在全息照相的壁炉旁边 ? 听这个MIX就可以.



1. “If I Was Your Girlfriend (热狼 Jr. Wolf Edit)” – Prince
2. “I Wanna Be Down” – Brandy
3. “All The Way Down” – Cassie // Mijimisha // Elash Gorilla
4. “One In A Million” – Aaliyah
5. “Inside My Love” – Minnie Riperton
6. “The Buzz” – Med, Blu & Madlib feat. Mayer Hawthorne
7. “I’d Rather Be With You” – Bootsy Collins
8. “As Long As I’ve Got You” – The Charmels
9. “U-Luv” – J Dilla
10. “Sweet Stuff” – Sylvia
11. “Computer Love” – Zapp & Roger
12. “Go All Night (Let Me Roll)” – Kelela

Shanghai All-Stars @ The Shelter This Friday


Aside from LOVE BANG I’ve also joined the Come Correct crew. We’re down at The Shelter playing hip hop every Wednesday and once a month on the weekend. That weekend date happens to be this Friday.  It’s the place to be for DJs, MCs, B-boys, B-girls, hip hop heads, music lovers, party monsters, and those who want to dance. We bring the best from Shanghai and around China straight down into the Shelter. More about the venue in this VICE article.

1月10号周五,上海最具影响力的HipHop地下团体Come Correct将请来SVBKLT厂牌的创始人Drunk Monk送上冬日特别曲目!妈妈都知道Shanghai All Stars是热爱HipHop小伙伴的天堂!本次还特别请到驾着七彩高铁来自杭州的D’Rocc,以及DJ Caution, Heatwolves, T-Plus和MC One Con!票价40,晚十点,不容错过!

This month we’ve got D’Rocc coming in from Hangzhou plus boss of the SVBKVLT/Sub-Culture Drunk Monk playing a hip hop set. It’s the only place in China you can catch a hip hop show like this so don’t complain about the 40RMB cover – that’s less than you’ll pay for a beer at most bars! See you at The Shelter on Friday.




Sexual Harassment


Many advise against taking red cabs in Shanghai. “Sketchy” is an adjective that gets thrown around a lot to describe these vehicles. Red cabs are privately owned, unlike those blue/yellow/green cabs or the nicer Expo taxis that belong to companies that own thousands of cars. There’s more variation within the red cab category than all other colors combined. Once, the driver of an immaculate red Kia gave me an architectural tour through the Jin Qiao suburbs in perfect English. Another time, some friends piled into a ragged old red VW Santero and the 司机 (driver) proceeded to casually light up a crystal meth pipe while cruising down the bund. A wide range, red cabs.

Before the night in question, my girlfriend said the drivers of red cabs naturally take more pride in their car’s upkeep and provide better service because it’s their car not the company’s. Makes sense. Maybe that’s why I chose to take this sad red cab in front of 88 Bar on Fumin Lu. I wasn’t in there, just down the block.

I get in. The car smells like cum. Older red Volkswagen, tinted windows, middle-aged driver wearing glasses and some kind of leather hat with a short brim. Car smells strongly like semen. I start thinking about that scene in Taxi Driver where Travis Bickle says “Each night when I return the cab to the garage, I have to clean the cum off the back seat. Some nights, I clean off the blood.” But I’m past tired and it’s a short ride so fuck it, I tell him the address and on we go. Driver puts on some “high” Chinese club music which makes things less awkward.

“Oh you like electronic music too? When you drive a car, you gotta have music. I don’t understand those people who drive in silence,” I say.

“Oh you speak Chinese? You have been in Shanghai for a long time I bet.”

And we start talking, and dude is dropping some serious knowledge. At one point he calls me “the new Chinese” (“你是新中国人!有的人从外地搬到上海,他们是新上海人,你是新中国人”!).  In six years, no Chinese person has ever called me this. This concept does not exist in China. Americans take it for granted that almost anyone can just become an American through struggle and luck. I said “wow, that’s really polite of you because Shanghainese never say ‘new Shanghainese;’ most just say Wai Di Ren” (外地人 = outside people; mildly pejorative depending on tone/context).

More wisdom imparted – the driver says I’m getting older, and I should get home and see my parents more. “都回家看看父母.” Sound advice, and dude has a weird aura about him. Like, “ayyyyy, you know what I’m saying right? 对吧。”  What some would call a “smart crazy person.”

We pass the worlds cutest kitten shop on Huaihai Lu, across the street from gay bar dungeon Shanghai Studio where cabbies wait outside for hours on weekends in hopes that they can get some cock. The topic shifts to women, and driver says “What kind of girls do you like? I don’t like those skinny girls with twig legs, I like a women with meat on her. Something I can feel. What kind of girls do you like? Do you like girls like that?” The excitement in his voice rise as he speaks.

“Yeah I do like girls who are more robust, voluptuous.” 丰满.

“Ayyyy now we’ve reached a common point, as men. We both like women who have meat. It’s more comfortable when you make love with them right? You really get what I’m saying right?” And he keeps asking “我讲话有没有到你心里了?” Which literally translates to “Is what I’m saying entering your heart?” but actually isn’t quite that strong. I didn’t know at the time though so this sentence was really freaking me out.

Then the driver asks if I have a girlfriend, and I say yes. He’s visibly excited about this and though I’m visibly uncomfortable with the topic, he keeps saying “It must be comfortable when you make love to her, and her lips must feel good on your dick.”  He repeats that same sentence “Is what I’m saying entering your heart?” and asks more creepy sexual questions until we get to my corner.

As I’m waiting for my change, he asks if I live with my girlfriend, I say no and and then he says “ok, I hope it feels comfortable when you make love to your girlfriend.”

I exit the cab and the driver says Zai jian, and I’m standing on the side of the road feeling uncomfortable. I thought about this for the next week. What a strange dude. Is this driver just rolling around in his cab talking sexual to people and beating off when he’s got no customers? I mean, his car smells like cum and he’s asking me intensely about how good it feels when I make love to my girlfriend. Bizarre.

Sexual Harassment – If I Gave You A Party (Palmbomen Edit)

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Thank you to Nick for identifying this rare tune from 1983 by New York’s Sexual Harassment. So catchy you’ll never forget it. It will enter your heart.


Best of Everything 2013


Top Five New Songs

1. “Bound 2” – Kanye West
2. “Bank Head” – Kingdom
3. “Hit The Pavement” – 7 Days Of Funk
4.  “Without You” – Thundercat
5. Pusha Man – Chance The Rapper

“Get Lucky” was the “Save The Dancefloor” track of the year for sure. Also really loved “Kisses Down Low” and wished it hit harder. And…can’t help but love “23.”

Top Five Club Nights/Shows

1. J.Rocc at The Shelter
2. Egyptian Lover at 390
3. Love Bang at Dada Beijing in March
4. Baijiu Robot Christmas Eve. Didn’t know what to expect but that went off.
5. Kingdom…at The Shelter

Honorable mention to the Gang of Four show.

Top Five Meals

1. Anything in Xi’an China. Best food in China, hands down.
2. That giant chicken sandwich, still the only sandwich i couldn’t finish in my whole life.
3. Thanksgiving in the Orient.
4. That one time when KFC was perfect. We’ve all been there, don’t front.
5. Any breakfast made by my girlfriend.

Also, Sbarro stuffed pizza in the Crossroads Mall and anything at Frontera Grill in Chicago.

Top Five Bad Scenes

1. Getting so blazed on medical kush in Michigan and feeling too scared to drive with trees in the car so hiding the herb in a tree and coming back the next day.
2.  Quitting my day job, writing an extremely critical ten-page treatise on the company and CCing it to over 3,000 people all over the world. Random people in Africa? Check. Anyone named “Vivian”? Check.
3. DJing at a high school Halloween party and having twenty expat brat kids yelling “what else you got?!”
4. Arriving in Amsterdam with no cash and a Chinese bank card that wouldn’t work anywhere in Holland, having to find wi-fi and message my friend in London to wire me $200, after walking like two hours from the bus station to downtown with the smell of skunk all around and not one public toilet.
5. Missing a flight in Shenzhen, paying $250 on the spot for a new ticket to Chongqing, then driving five hours up a mountain in total darkness while drinking Baijiu with new friends, getting to the music festival to find DJ Caution already on stage and a lot of bad characters touching the decks, throwing punches, and generally just causing total chaos, then going back down the mountain at 8am and flying back to Shanghai in a total oblivion.

Looking forward to 2014.



Hey fam sorry for the lack of posts lately. Been out in the real world, or hiding from it due to pollution and construction. But we’re back with a brand new radio show, coming at you every Monday not-live from Shanghai. This week we pay respect to the year 1992, ahead of Wednesday night’s COME CORRECT party at The Shelter.

In 1992, Clinton stepped into office, Dr. Dre dropped the Chronic, Mario Kart and Street Fighter II gave us calluses, and Wu-Tang Clan crept onto the scene out from the slums of Shaolin. There’s loads of good dancehall, jungle, and rock tunes from ’92 as well but in this first episode of Love Bang radio we count down the best hip-hop jams. West-coast gangsta rap for cruising in plush LS400s and cold NY street rhymes for blunt circles. Though this wasn’t the best year for hip hop ever, some of the best hip-hop tracks ever come from ’92.


Catch Heatwolves and Caution from Love Bang guesting at COME CORRECT, Shanghai’s weekly hip-hop party, this wednesday Dec. 4th at The Shelter, which just turned six years old. One year living on Yongfu Lu is like 36 regular years. The theme this Wednesday is 1992, so expect at least 92 tunes from that year, everything from dancehall and rap to R&B and new jack swing.


10. “How To Roll A Blunt” – Redman
9. ??
8. “I Missed The Bus” – Kriss Kross
7. “Let Me Ride” – Dr. Dre
6. “Crossover” – EPMD
5. “Halftime” – Nas
4. “After The Laughter Comes Tears” – Wu-Tang Clan
3. ????
2. ??
1.  ??

Here’s the direct link if you can’t access Soundcloud (it’s now blocked in China – why?)

And here’s a couple of tracks from ’92 you might have missed, that didn’t quite make it on this list.

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – On The Run (Untouchable Dirty Version)

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Apache – Gangsta Bitch

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

I left off Pete Rock and CL Smooth I’m really not a fan of the raps. The beats and production are ace though. And I can’t stand Das-EFX, Fu-Schnickens, and all that gimmicky rap that dominated the charts. That’s why I say ’92 wasn’t the best year for hip-hop though a lot of good tunes and albums came out. If you know of some good jungle or dancehall tunes from ’92 please leave em in the comments!

Big Up #1 – Marcin and the Mini Film Night @ The Nut

Here’s a column dedicated to unadulterated positivity. In each “Big Up,” we’ll profile someone doing something cool in Shanghai that you should know about. This could be anyone from a treat shop worker to an artist, or a cat lady.


In this first edition, we’re Big-Upping Marcin Gajewski from Holland via Poland, a dude whose videos you’ve likely seen in many a 19RMB cab ride. But you may not know the dude behind the lens. The Dude is an appropriate title for this character, known in real life as Mr. White, or more recently Mr. Grey, due to his odd and rigid insistence on only wearing one color. What would compel someone to wear only the color white for an entire decade, from coat to socks? We won’t examine that here, but we’ll get into Marcin’s work as a director and a curator through his monthly “Mini Film Fest” nights at The NUT, an art collective and space in Huangpu District, as well as an annual weekend-long film festival he puts on for free.

The monthly film night happens to fall on this Thursday,  November 14th at 7PM at 162 Yongnian Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu. 上海市永年路162号(靠近黄陂南路),一楼.  Don’t be that late bro! This month’s theme is technology. It’s non-profit, so free entry to a world where you can catch cheap beers/wine and watch some amazing short films you probably won’t catch anywhere else. There’s still loads of film and video that exists outside the cloud. There’s around ten films each time, with an intermission sesh and elaborate introductions by Mr. Grey. You’re likely to make some new friends here too, with lots of creative types, artists, architects, film nerds, and characters in the mix.

So if you’ve never been to these nights, your connection to Mr. Grey is probably those WOW! Fitness ads, called “WOW男WOW女” in the taxi ad- video machines. He directs those now. This series, shown on TouchMedia screens in Chinese taxis, stars two neon-clad exercise fiends seemingly on anti-depressants x speed and wilding-out in a public awareness campaign for healthy living through exercise and diet. Take the stairs, lift those water coolers, do some stretching, and eat some vegetables

For those without the pleasure, the taxi-riding-class AKA le bourgeoisie has watched and possibly tried to avoid this video series for years now in cab backseats in Shanghai and other major cities. The campaign took a surreal turn in April 2013 when Marcin became the director and introduced kung-fu and oil-swilling foes in a colorful video-game esque adventure . When the junk-food boss pops up with a chicken drummy of death, the common-man-turned hero devours an apple and hurls the core to win the healthy [sic]. Really these are the closest things to PSAs in our Shanghai life and wowever you feel about these loud ads, they’re memorable and preach a message anyone can agree on – eat healthy and exercise. Recently WOW! started seat-belt use ads too, a critical message in a place with creative driving.

Aside from directing PSAs* and guest lecturing at Tongji University on the Architecture Department in the ‘Filming Architectures’ course,  Marcin runs the aforementioned Mini Film Fest nights, which reel into a [also free] full-on weekend film festival once a year. The weekly film parties began at home years ago but eventually grew too big and now happen at The NUT, an art collective/gallery space that once lived in the last days of a  now-demolished 被拆了Jing An building. I remember early Thursday parties there and Simon from Austrailia DJing circa 2009.  In 2012 The NUT reemerged in what used to be  Luwan district, which was incorporated into Huangpu district in 2011. Lot of changes in Shanghai.

An evening at the Mini Film Fest night could witness anything from from French cartoons about cats and omlettes to rather disturbing and grim bits. These are the dubplates of shorts and dude has the guanxi in the film world to cop great selections. Past themes include “Life in the City,” “Animate!”, and ” Under Water Love.”

Once a year, the night becomes a full weekend – a proper miniature film festival in Jing An. I DJed an intermission at last year’s festival, which brought a really chill and diverse group of folks. All attendants went home with a wooden xiao long bao steamer and an apron to remember the food-themed weekend. Drinks were free and ice-cream sandwiches were sold. People laughed, cried, and just got super into it. I became Weibo friends with a girl selling organic eggs for charity. Just a free party to enjoy some quality films, out of sheer love for the art. And that’s why were Big-Upping Mr. White/Grey/Marcin this week.  Also he’s Polish by birth but grew up in Amsterdam from a young age – more proof that Dutch people are just really chill folks, not counting the conservative Dutch in Michigan. Big up Holland.

Mini Film Fest Night happens this Thursday at The Nut, 162 Yongnian Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu, a quick walk from Madang Lu metro station (Line 9).

More about Marcin’s work as a filmmaker and photographer over on his website. He doesn’t exclusively do PSAs, sadly.

And a more in-depth article from 2011 about the WOW series, before Marcin took over, read this article in advertising language.

Big up!