more fun with SIGNS // Pictureplane – “Gang Signs”

We’ve all seen creative-but-understandable English on signs in China, but we’ve got another category – the mystery sign, e.g. this map of my friend’s apartment building. Some of my Chinese friends don’t understand it either.


Those are real gold bricks. Shit is mad opulent and palatial.

And then this photo – not taken at the zoo or an adventure park.

“….I can’t remember if I parked in Elephant or Camel… ”

This is at Hongqiao airport, which you should always choose over Pudong if at all possible. Much closer to downtown and even Lujiazui, and just a more pleasant experience from start to finish. You won’t find a bit of fun at Pudong International Airport, I assure you of that.

I appreciate the creativity and color here. The only possible detractor is that some may spend a long time contemplating where to park due to their loyalty to a particular animal. I’d find trouble choosing between Kangaroo and Horse for sure. Really need to consider which one I identify with more, like I am right now. Pretty much all people look somewhat like one particular animal, e.g. rabbit, baby dinosaur, or turtle, but that resemblance alone doesn’t determine a persons favorite animal. I know some people that look like turtles and they’re not crazy for turtles or anything.

Side story about animals. I asked the owner of the Muslim noodle shop by my home about the pig water in Shanghai, and if Muslims can drink the water now. He said that as long as the water source is moving, like a river, it’s ok. Lakes are ok too, apparently. I couldn’t understand everything he said, but he mentioned a filter too. 21st century problem for sure.

Here’s a song about another kind of sign –

Pictureplane – Gang Signs

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Really hope Pictureplane comes to Shanghai sometime.