Love Bang Heartbeats 2 Mix by DJ Caution


Love Bang had to drop a dope tape for Valentine’s Day. Here it is – forty minutes of 80s boogie, sleaze, and synth-pop in the first half then icy R&B // lovestep vibes in the second half. Even Mike Tyson shows up to talk about sex for a minute. Selected and mixed by DJ Caution.

This tape was too sexy for Soundcloud this so we just threw it up on Zippyshare. Click the orange “Download Now” button to grab it. Here’s the link.

Tracklist coming soon. You can catch DJ Caution at Love Bang Presents: TRU LUX @ CA Club in Xintiandi next Thursday.




You’re stuck inside but you’re not alone – it’s time for love. Here’s some timeless baby-making music to light your candles. Songs for winter foreplay under warm covers or just on the floor, mixed by Shanghai’s LOVE BANG crew with help from Pleasure Robot #8888. Look out for the X-rated sequel dropping on Feb 10th 2014.

外面冷死了, 想做爱在全息照相的壁炉旁边 ? 听这个MIX就可以.



1. “If I Was Your Girlfriend (热狼 Jr. Wolf Edit)” – Prince
2. “I Wanna Be Down” – Brandy
3. “All The Way Down” – Cassie // Mijimisha // Elash Gorilla
4. “One In A Million” – Aaliyah
5. “Inside My Love” – Minnie Riperton
6. “The Buzz” – Med, Blu & Madlib feat. Mayer Hawthorne
7. “I’d Rather Be With You” – Bootsy Collins
8. “As Long As I’ve Got You” – The Charmels
9. “U-Luv” – J Dilla
10. “Sweet Stuff” – Sylvia
11. “Computer Love” – Zapp & Roger
12. “Go All Night (Let Me Roll)” – Kelela

This One Goes Out to Bow E3

When Love Bang/Super Ayi Cleaning team went to London last month, we stayed on our friend’s couch in an ex-council flat near Victoria Park, right on the edge between Hackney-Wick and Bow. Post codes in London are kinda like city blocks (or census tracts) in a big American city, especially in terms of gangs and their allegiance to certain neighborhoods.

Apparently the area we stayed in was pretty hood like five years ago, and walking around the Roman Road Market (chicken shops, gambling spots, bodegas) at night still felt  sketch. The sun goes down, all the shops close, and the streets empty out till the block feels like Resident Evil 2. One night a car full of dudes pulled up on us in an old Honda with no headlights and we thought for sure we were about to get robbed/stabbed but nothing happened.

E3 nothing like Shanghai, that’s for sure. You could walk for fifteen minutes in E3 after midnight and not find an open convenience store, but you might find some trouble. Still though, I like this neighborhood. It’s real, and not-yet gentrified. Two pounds bought me a much-needed winter hat that some hipster girls in Shoreditch thought was really fashion. However, by the looks of the “Artisan Waffles” for sale on the edges of the Roman Road Market on a weekend morning, this place may look quite different in five years and that hat may cost like fifteen pounds.

Reverse culture shock is the strongest. Really weird, after five+ years in Asia, to see a working-class street market with all non-Asians working and shopping there. Like, bargaining with a 70-year-old white guy over the price of a cheap hat.

To the best of my limited knowledge, this is the ultimate Bow E3 track, by Eski boi Wiley. He shouts out Candy Street, which is right next to where we stayed. Shout out to Alta for putting me onto this track.

Wiley – Bow E3

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I don’t understand the “no ball games” signs everywhere. Yeah balls make noise but what else are kids gonna do? Maybe that’s why there’s so many youth stabbings in the UK.



Here it is – our exclusive, official mix for the 2013 JUE Festival happening right now in Shanghai and Beijing.

mixed by DJ Caution and Heatwolves


1. BAWANG Intro
2. Gang of Four – “Outside The Trains Don’t Run On Time”
3. AV Okubo – “Old Game”
4. Frank Turner – “Four Simple Words”
5. Let’s Get Weird and 黑暗 with 排球女将
6. Cinema  Soloriens – ??? ripped from YouTube
7. Zhongshan Park – “Wut R Treats?”
8. AM 444 – “Interloop 2”
9. Grimes – “Vanessa”
10. Downstate – “Mist”
11. Ital – “Dub Me for Tonight (Saviour’s Love Megamix)”
12. HONEY, 蜂蜜!
13. Grimes – “Genesis”
14. Super Ayi Cleaning Team – “Tigerwoman”
15. S L V (Downstate & Hamacide) – “Toi”
16. Acid Pony Club – “P.O.P – Scratch Boom”
17. Little Yellow Bird Gonna Help You Out
18. How To Dress Well – “Lover’s Start”
20. How To Dress Well – “You Won’t Need Me Where I’m Goin'”
21. Kikuyu – “2 Appointments (Super Ayi 阿姨机器人 Vocal Remix)”


no work on friday – what are a dragonboat

Dragonboat Festival coming up on Sunday. According to my colleagues, this party’s been going down for 2,500 + years. So next time you eat a zongzi (…gooey rice triangle filled with savory pork or something sweet, always wrapped in a banana leaf..) remember that people been eating that since before tha boi Jesus was eatin salmon.

Again, according to my colleagues, Dragonboat festival started because this poet dude was pissed about the state of affairs in China so he committed suicide by jumping in a lake. Because he was a really chill dude who wrote romantic poems, his friends were like “nah we can’t have all those fish disrespecting dude’s body like that” so they threw a bunch of sticky rice triangles stuffed with savory pork in the river so the fish would eat those instead of upset poet dude’s flesh.

Not sure if they used the Dragonboat to retrieve poet dude’s body or to throw the zongzi at the fish…maybe both.

My colleagues later asked me why white people eat turkey on thanksgiving and I said I dunno but turkey is good and thanksgiving is fucked up cause we killed so many Indians but act like we were just hanging out eating turkey with them but thanksgiving is still the chillest holiday cause there’s no presents people just chill and eat.

Anyway, no one has to work on Friday so you should come to Dada tonight. My fellow Super Ayi Cleaning Team member DJ Caution is playing great music all night and I’ll probably get on the decks for a while too. Dragon-step bra

Wow I’m in Gubei right now and there’s so many whores and so much Korean food.

It’s sunny and this song is exactly how I feel.

Clipse – Gangsta Lean

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cover art for "LOVE U LONG TIME" mixtape by Shanghai's SUPER AYI CLEANING TEAM

Here’s the reason for the lack of posts recently – I’ve been working on this mix right here with the homie DJ Caution and our Chinese auntie friends. We’re super proud of this one, and confident to say that no one has done anything quite like this before. It all started when we realized that the 1983  mid-tempo hip-hop track “World’s Famous” by Malcom McLaren, the same dude who did “Buffalo Gals,” sounds fucking ill slowed down to 88 beats per minute (bpm) from its original 107 bpm.

Then we went through about 200 more tracks trying to find ones that sounded just right when pitched way down. Lots of songs sounded like complete garbage, but some sounded amazing at slow speeds – sometimes even better than the original track. Italo disco, boogie, and mid-tempo hip hop worked best. These songs have heavy analogue synthesizer-bass that sounds warm and deep when pitched down to the extreme, unlike songs made with software plugins/emulators that sound awful under these conditions. If you slow down most modern “electro,” (the kind that people have in mind when they ask the DJ to play something “dirty”) you can hear the audio bits breaking apart like a spilled box of digital Cherrios. But not with the tracks on this mix.

“Built for rainy days and purple sunsets – the January 2012 Chinese New Year mix by Shanghai’s SUPER AYI CLEANING TEAM members DJ Caution and Heatwolves. A carefully selected bag of italo disco, house, and hip hop, slowed down 30% and cut with some dusty old VHS tapes from around the world. Slow, bass-heavy, smokey, and sexy.”

Tracklist after the jump – hope you enjoy! We’re doing mixes every month this year, this is only the beginning. Continue reading

Latin Jams

First off, wanna thank everyone who came to Love Bang #11 on Saturday. Was our biggest party yet; the place was packed by 10:30. Thanks to DJ Cavia for warming up the dance floor, my Super Ayi Cleaning Team fam, and all the old & new friends who came through and danced. We’re doing it again on Dec. 17th.

Also played at Dada on Friday. Strictly Latin jams for three hours…

I guess the last time I listened to Latin music was in 11th grade, in Spanish class with my teacher Mr. Braun. He always seemed a bit off, telling tales of his wild times in Mexico (which i can totally understand now, after living in China for four years).

One Sunday afternoon I saw my Spanish teacher in Barnes and Noble with our class president, a really pretty girl with lots of problems. I thought that was weird. Later, I heard rumors that she came over to his house and his Windows 98 desktop background was an enlarged photo of her eyes. Really weird. I quit Spanish around the same time, but not because of that.

So for three years of DJing I totally ignored Latin music, except Baile Funk. When the homie Sal invited me to play at his Popasuda party last Friday at Dada under the pretense that I could only play Latin jams, I had to do a lot of digging. Glad this happened though cause I found some great reggaeton, cumbia, and more. Big up to Don Vic, the sister Mache, all the cats on a certain web forum I frequent who helped me out, and that lady at the CD market who sold me those dancehall, roots, and booty compilation albums.

latin jams = girls on the dance floor.

Here’s some of the tracks I dropped:

Sabo – Kuff Kumbia

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Big Punisher – You Came Up

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Las Rakas – Borracho (Culea)

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Arcangel – Pa Que Pases Bien

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That “Borracho” track comes from a blog I recently discovered – Mixtape Riot. Great site by a dude who also produces some serious heat under the name Captain Planet.