tonight = heaviest night of the year?

I know I keep pushing shows on the site, but there’s so much good music going on lately… If you’re around tonight, The Shelter is the place to be.

It’s Sub-Culture’s 4-year anniversary, and they’re bringing in Shackleton, one of the biggest names in dubstep (who apparently almost never travels outside of Europe).  So you get a really trippy, heavy live set by Shackleton, plus local heavyweights Drunk Monk, Steven Lorenz, and others on a big soundsystem…all for RMB60 – a much better deal than paying like RMB120 for a “DJ Set” by some hack like Steve Aoki on a shit soundsystem.

Shackleton rolled through town last year and a lot of folk said it was the show of 2010. Don’t sleep on this tonight. Peep this cut from his FabricLive mix to get an idea of the dark vibes you’re in for.

Shackleton – Massacre

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where i be at tonight.

this is where i’ll be tonight. big, big night at Shelter. peep the interview I did with Vibronics in SmartShanghai.

really need some chill vibes after the HEALTH show last night. I liked their set, and I’m really happy they played a Pictureplane song + “USA Boys,” but…

– Shanhai needs to step it’s sound system game up in a big way before anyone can consider it a legitimate venue for live shows. for real my ears were hurting during their set and i had to leave early. the speakers clearly couldn’t handle what was going through them, hence all the hisses and pops. Where are the fucking subwoofers??????

– both opening bands really, really sucked. giving a few Chinese hipsters synths and drums and letting them jam out to open for a respectable band = not chill. I feel really bad if that was anyone’s first rock show.

– less smoke machine. smoke machine does not make shitty bands better. also 8:30PM is too early for smoke machines unless Danzig is playing.

– why does that convenience store close at 10:30????

But for real HEALTH put so much energy into their set, and when they came off stage they were completely soaked with sweat and looked like they’d been through war. Pretty sure the drummer is cousins with a grizzly bear or is a viking.

Also, the BBQ on the corner (the spot with tables and chairs)  is the best BBQ I’ve had in Shanghai. Hands down.

So yeah, come down to Shelter tonight. It’s singles day in China (yes that is a holiday) – AND it’s 11.11.11.

I hung out with the dub legends Vibronics and Echo Ranks and dem are super nice dudes who’ve been making quality dub/reggae/steppaz tunes for decades. Fucking decades, mang. Plus the whole Uprooted Sunshine crew including Cha Cha – her last performance before she dips to Madrid for Red Bull Music Academy.  There’s an exclusive track by her and Vibronics up for download over at the Sub-Culture Shanghai site, but only for 24 hours so get on it!


so i had to reformat the mac and my FTP is all fucked up, hence no updates lately. should be back tonight or tmmr, but peep this in the meantime.


i’m playing with Slugabed this Saturday at The Shelter. gonna warm up from 10 – 12 then getting crunk and listening to dude’s beats. come on down. Drunk Monk and Blaise also on support, gonna be a huge night.

update: ALL GOOD FAM. FileZilla FTW.


Somehow made it through that weekend. Desto and Drunk Monk killed it at Shelter on Friday. I stayed till the end and slept four hours, ran to the mall to host a DJ battle for Pioneer and met a bag of ten Big Mac’s and a cordial, elderly Japanese boss wearing a white suit. He was not feeling my public-speaking-on-no-sleep skills.  Unfortunately all but one of the scratch DJs sucked. One dude like drummed out the piano lines from Linkin Park “In the end,” super offbeat and not in a cool way. Painful.

The one dude with skills didn’t win – but he is gonna come through COME CORRECT on Wednesday @ Shelter to play a special set. DJ Casper, straight from the slums of Xiamen.

Rooftop party, also legend status. Big up to the Ice Cream Truck for having me play at 8PM and 12:30AM. And the lamb party at Rico Rico…god damn. Speaking of lambs, and this has been done before by some cats i know, but i wanna get like fifteen – twenty people together to throw down on a WHOLE lamb or sheep at a Xinjiang restaurant. It’s about RMB1200 but I reckon that could easily feed twenty of us. Holla if you’re interested.

And really pumped about this – SAMIYAM, from Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder label, coming to Shelter on Thursday with the Beat Conductorz fam (Ceezy, Hamacide, and SIG). Dude also has releases on Hyperdub and lots of other top-tier labels. Glitchy as fuck, syrupy rap beats. Something like the music from this #ghettoasfuck bootleg nintendo that my friends and i found in an abandoned building last night. We fought a feral raccoon for this but felt bad when we found out it doesn’t work. Peep how the controllers are attached to the system. Also, it’s “100% Ninteno compatible” [sic] according to the box.

SAMIYAM – Return

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SAMIYAM – Roller Skates

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If you’re in Shanghai tonight, come down to Dada for a classic 80s horror/comedy flick – Fright Night. Free.

And I’ll be in Beijing this weekend. Big things coming in November so need to dip out of Shanghai for a minute. What’s good in Beijing? Holla.

what’s good this weekend.

Lots going on in Shanghai this weekend.  Really wish people would stop calling it “Shangers.” Not chill.

Starting with Friday…

the homies and Otakrew fam Cavia and Ceezy + Shige and some cats from Japan playing hip hop at the new livehouse in north Jing An – Shanhai. dudes all play great hip hop and party jams. real DJs, super fun vibe. starts earlier too, like 10PM. excited to peep the new spot and soundsystem… ill-as-fuck flyer by Cherri, who does all our design for Otakrew too.

If you haven’t yet, peep Ceezy’s classic mixtape in the archives.

And on the late nite tip (like 1:00AM) Shelter for Desto, dubstep producer from Finland. Dude is playing live on an MPC, Korg R3 and 606 (!!!) Courtesy of Sub-Culture, always coming correct. More on that here. Flyer by the only VJ I really enjoy, Olivepixel.

Saturday i’m hosting a Pioneer scratch battle all day then rolling to Atanu, the lighthouse on the Bund for this year’s last Ice Cream Truck rooftop party. Spinning with the homegirl Siesta plus The Uhhh, Mau Mau, and Trix. Baijiu Robot B2B set Mau Mau vs. Heatwolves may go down.

This will be huge, and goes till 2AM. If for some reason you don’t dance or like social situations, it’s worth it for toursts on the bund reacting to the sheer amounts of bass and the surreal scene happening atop a hundred-year old building, with mile-high neon skyscrapers in the background. Gonna rap a bit and probably drop some new originals. Probably some 2 Live Crew too.

and I’m told of another late-nite party going late Saturday night at Rico Rico, the beach by the Cool Docks…. [edit, i fucked up and party is NOT actually on the beach but instead at Rico Rico in the Cool Docks. they’re doing three drinks for RMB100 and I’ll play Baile Funk when I arrive around 2AM].

DJing a brunch on Sunday afternoon in Jing if you like eggs benedict and 90s R&B on the patio or rooftop of a boutique hotel, you should come. Likely getting there about 1PM. Then off to JZ fest (a park-ish place by a lake somewhere near the expo site?) in the early evening to see Cavia + Ice Nine and the man Roy Ayres. The fam at Shanghai 24/7 did a couple podcasts about the festival, so download those before your commute.

Heard sunshine be comin too…

post-trap rainy day jams.

thanks to everyone who came to Shelter last night come correct. four-turntable action by Shige and Caution, raps by MC One Consciousness, and “Milkshake” pitched down 12% and some rare slow jams by myself at the end, followed by a classic ji gong bao (chicken hot pot) sesh.

note to restaurants who plan on giving away free alcohol and advertising this in SmartShanghai – get more than one bartender. wtf. some people prlly came from Hangzhou for that free Sangria last night in Xintiandi.

hadn’t been to Xintiandi in at least a year. totally forgot about that side of Shanghai. meh. did meet a grave/tomb dealer though. best “so what are you doing in Shanghai?” convo I’ve had in years. dude took my “i sell dreams” response way too seriously though.

man wtf is going on in America right now…jesus.

it’s raining but fuck it, i’m going to the studio to finish this track. until then, peep these:

Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody

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Gemmy – Too Far

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No DL on the Gemmy track. Just came out. Also really feeling this mixtape – it’s a slow builder, and dark as fuck. If you like Salem, Three 6 Mafia, or anything on Tri Angle Records, you’ll love this.

GRIM – FADED RE-EDIT MIXTAPE CH. 1 by voodoo village

Some young kids from Memphis put this together, here’s the tracklist:

1. Diamond Bass – Nomada/All That
2. Three Six Mafia – South Memphis Bitch
3. Clicks & Whistles – Hello
4. Lil Daggers – Pair of Lives
5. Lil Wayne – I Feel Like Dying
6. Project Pat – I Keep That
7. Courtesy – Life, Man
8. Wiz Khalifa – On My Level
9. Com Truise – Colorvision
10. Koreless – Made In
11. Cities Aviv – Sixsixsixes
12. Gorillaz – Empire Ants

They call this “post-trap.” Awesome.

if Blade Runner was a party…

If you’re in Shanghai this Saturday night, definitely make it down to Shelter for this. Two of my favorite crews in Shanghai, Sub-Culture and ROM meet for one party. Dark, heavy cyberpunk ish (nightmare hip hop, dubstep, ??).

And peep the ill flyer by Cheeri, who’s killing the hand-drawn flyer game at the moment. All ya’ll wack, photoshop-usin’ mo’fuckas keep doin yo thang main.

Speaking of dark, weird music, I’d been meaning to check out Hype Williams for about six months. Finally did yesterday, and damn..amazing.

Hype Williams – Badmind

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