Best of Everything 2013


Top Five New Songs

1. “Bound 2” – Kanye West
2. “Bank Head” – Kingdom
3. “Hit The Pavement” – 7 Days Of Funk
4.  “Without You” – Thundercat
5. Pusha Man – Chance The Rapper

“Get Lucky” was the “Save The Dancefloor” track of the year for sure. Also really loved “Kisses Down Low” and wished it hit harder. And…can’t help but love “23.”

Top Five Club Nights/Shows

1. J.Rocc at The Shelter
2. Egyptian Lover at 390
3. Love Bang at Dada Beijing in March
4. Baijiu Robot Christmas Eve. Didn’t know what to expect but that went off.
5. Kingdom…at The Shelter

Honorable mention to the Gang of Four show.

Top Five Meals

1. Anything in Xi’an China. Best food in China, hands down.
2. That giant chicken sandwich, still the only sandwich i couldn’t finish in my whole life.
3. Thanksgiving in the Orient.
4. That one time when KFC was perfect. We’ve all been there, don’t front.
5. Any breakfast made by my girlfriend.

Also, Sbarro stuffed pizza in the Crossroads Mall and anything at Frontera Grill in Chicago.

Top Five Bad Scenes

1. Getting so blazed on medical kush in Michigan and feeling too scared to drive with trees in the car so hiding the herb in a tree and coming back the next day.
2.  Quitting my day job, writing an extremely critical ten-page treatise on the company and CCing it to over 3,000 people all over the world. Random people in Africa? Check. Anyone named “Vivian”? Check.
3. DJing at a high school Halloween party and having twenty expat brat kids yelling “what else you got?!”
4. Arriving in Amsterdam with no cash and a Chinese bank card that wouldn’t work anywhere in Holland, having to find wi-fi and message my friend in London to wire me $200, after walking like two hours from the bus station to downtown with the smell of skunk all around and not one public toilet.
5. Missing a flight in Shenzhen, paying $250 on the spot for a new ticket to Chongqing, then driving five hours up a mountain in total darkness while drinking Baijiu with new friends, getting to the music festival to find DJ Caution already on stage and a lot of bad characters touching the decks, throwing punches, and generally just causing total chaos, then going back down the mountain at 8am and flying back to Shanghai in a total oblivion.

Looking forward to 2014.